#46 Action Photos
I like action photos. Once my Mum took an action photo of me jumping. She wanted to put it on my drawers. - Claudia
I like action photos. I like the one of Zac where he looked like he was flying. - Braedyn
Action Photos are cool because good ones are really hard to take . I like the shots of people jumping - Aylish
I like action photos. I liked the ones of Zac and Reef. I liked Reef making a star shape - Jo
I like action shots. My mum is a photographer. She takes photos of me. She has a camera and she does good photos - Ellie
I like the photos because when Jo was doing forward flips, it looked awesome - Reef
I like action shots because whenever you take one, it gets the action that the person is doing. I liked the one of Misree,
she looked like a ninja - Ava
I like action shots, once when Grace was down we took a photo of me doing a back flip and I landed it - Zac
When I went to my cousins, she has a thing you can play on and do flips.- Te Ata-a-rua
I liked the one of Reegan going backwards on the balance beam. He was dipping his foot - Chevy
Action photos are cool. When we went to gymnastics I looked a bit like a bird when I jumped off the box. I liked the one of Misree it looked
like she was doing a star-jump in the air - Lucy
Gymnastic is cool. When I did it on the tramp. Miss H took a picture and I looked like I was flying. I looked like I was jumping off a building doing star-jump - Mikaela
IMG_0966.JPG IMG_3933.JPG

#47 going underwater in the ocean or sea

I like going in the sea because you can dive under and you can make circles in it. - Ellie
I like going under the water because in Rarotonga we went under the water. Josh took a good photo of the barrell wave and we saw heaps of tropical fish - Zac
I like going under the water. My Dad goes under the water and gets me crayfish and he picks coral for me - Claudia
Going under water is fun because I went under water to snorkle. There was a cave. I went in with Mum. There was a step inside the cave. I was freezing when I got back in the boat - Mikaela
I like going under the sea and I saw coral. It can cut you. You have to eat something to make sure you dont get sick - Jo
Under the sea is cool because you see lots of different colours. When you get out you get cold, - Ava
I liked going underwater in Samoa. There was a man you had to follow. I went by the drop off. The man went around and came out the other side
I like going to the beach because you can go down into the water - Rua
Going under the water is cool because you can go in secret hiding places and you can give them frights -Cam
I like going under the sea. Once I went in a submarine and I saw a turtle, sand sharks and rainbow fish. A crab went over the window. - Josh
Going under water is cool because me and my dad and mum went diving and fishing. Dad had the crayfish bag - Reef
I like going under the water when you dive in because I can do a big dive like a dolphin. I go really high - Autumn
IMG_0113.JPG underwater.jpg

48 Visiting other countries

I liked going to Fiji. Me and Heidi got lots of coconuts, they got stolen. Heidi thought the coconut was a rock. We cracked it open and drank the milk. Mum and Dad poured it into a cup - Claudia
I liked going to Fiji. I got my hair braided. When I got them out my hair looked like a pigsty and a bit like Aunty Jack -Aylish
I liked going to Rarotonga. You can snorkle out to the reef. We saw a reef shark and me and Dad needed to come in, we saw a lot of awesome
fish - Lukas.
I liked going to Rarotonga because when I went snorkling I saw heaps of tropical fish that you would probabally wouldn't see in New Zealand.
There was one that was black and yellow and looked like a trianglw with a spike at the top - Zac.
I liked going to Australia and seeing my aunty. We went for a big bike ride and she had a soccer ball on her shelf. We stayed in a tent, it was
cold. -Reegan
I like going to different places in our country, like to the snow. Me, Mum, Jason and Paul went - Ellie
I like going to different countries. My Dad has been around the world but not to Antartica. I'd like to go to Australia soon - Josh
I liked going to the Czech Republic. I like visiting my family and friends. - Honza
I think going to different countries is cool. When I was a baby I went to Fiji and Australia. Last holidays I went to Fiji again. The poice were
wearing skirts, Tshirts, and necklaces. We had nearly 2 swims a day - Lucy
I like the country India. I've been there before and I went to Australia. I went swimming at the beach - Autumn
I would like to go to Rarotonga. Zac went there - Chevy
It's cool because I went to Australia. When New Zealand had winter I went. I had lots of swims because it was hot and they had lots of different animals - William
When I am 8 my dad might take me to Australia. We might go to South America, that'd be cool - CJ
I'd like to go to Russia. All of my mum's family lives there. She will be going for 15 days. My sister, Dad and Mum have been there. When I'm ten I might go there. - Emily
I like different countries, my dad might take me to Bali. They use sheets as blankets because it's so hot there. My dad goes there - Ava
#49 being half way
I dont like being half way to going to a tangi or half way to go to Australia. - Te Ata-a-rua
I like being half way, you dont need to do much different to get the rest of the way - Ava
I like half way because when you are half way through your homework then you can finish it quick to watch some tv - Aylish
I like getting half way through my homework so I can play and watch tv. I like when it's half way through a storm and I can go out and not have a shower - Ellie
I like half way because when we go to KeriKeri it's a long way, sometimes Heidi spews. I like to go there and to play with my cousins - Claudia
When we drive to Hastings, we stop when we get half way. My grandma and grandpa come too, they had 2 cats. - Jo
I like half way because when I am half way to black hill I get excited about riding my motorbike. - Zac
Half way there is cool because I can get a pie or something. Sometimes I get sick and spew, sometimes I dont. I can play with my brother and do knuckle fight - CJ
Half way to Taumarunui is cool because it is about 4 hours away. I dont like it because it's hot in the car. We sometimes stop to get breakfast, then we go all the way - Chevy
I like being half way from the end of school, because then we get to play after school - Reef
I dont like half way because it takes so long. Like when you go to Tonga. - Lukas
Half way is cool because when I go to Auckland, and it's half way we stop and I know that there is an hour to go. I know that it's half way to see Dad and Roxy my turtle - Lucy.
I dont like going half way because it takes too long. When I am on the boat sometimes when we are half way we see dolphins - Emily

#50 Student teachers
We are so lucky this year in Room 10 we have 2 Student Teachers. Mrs Sims has been with us for 6 weeks and Mr D comes in to visit once a week. They are awesome helpers in our class and have done some very exciting lessons with us.
Mrs Sims and Room 10 after buddy reading
Mr D, Cam and Jo washing cars.
I like Mr D and Mrs Sims because Mr D helps us check our work and Mrs Sims is a nice teacher - Zac
I like Mr D because he pretends there is an egg cracking on your head. Mrs Sims lets us do heaps of art stuff - Josh
I like Mrs Sims and Mr D. Mrs Sims lets us do art and she did a pattern on the IWB and used a normal whiteboard pen. Mr D is good at kicking a rugby ball - Jo
Mr D is cool, he's good at rugby and soccer. Mrs Sims is cool because she helps us learn - CJ
I like Mrs Sims because we can finish our writing after play and I dont have to read for SSR time - Honza
I like Mrs Sims , she did patterns with us. She taught us to do AAB and ABCD patterns. Mr D gave us bit of paper and he read us a book with a red door in it. - Chevy
Mr D is cool because he helps us with our writing. Mrs Sims teaches us lots and lots of stuff. Mrs Sims said we might do some art today - Reef
Student teachers are cool because they help you learn and they do fun things. Mrs Sims helps us with writing and patterns. Mr D read us a story about a pukeko, I remember lots about it. - Mikaela
I like Mr D because he helps me to play rugby and I like Mrs Sims because she gets us to do reading - Rua
Student teachers are cool because Mrs Sims taught us AB, ABC and AAB colour patterns. She helps us with our writing and she gives us a bit of time to finish off. I also like Mr D because he taught us about things that happened a long time ago. I like Whaea Leeana, we had her in Room 6. She taught us Maori and to weave - Lucy
I like student teachers, they are cool. Mr D takes lessons. Whaea Leeana came to room 6 and she taught us songs and she read us books. Mrs Sims, she taught us ABC, ABB, ABCD, and AB patterns. She got a whiteboard pen and coloured it in on the IWB. - Ava
I like Mr D because he made all of us a hot chocolate, my marshmellow melted and it felt funny and gooey. I like Mrs Sims because she had a go at the IWB and she rubbed out the pen with a duster. - Claudia
I like student teachers they are cool as. I like Mr D and Mrs Sims. Mrs Sims read us a book called The Twits. I like Mr D because he gave us hot milo and he played a game with us called stuck in the mud. - Te Ata-a-rua
I like Mrs Sims because she did patterning with us and she helps us with our writing and our Mr Twits pictures. She is really nice and she helps us a lot and she sits with us and helps us when we dont know what to do. - Ellie
I like Mr D, when we had the car wash we had a water fight, we got really wet. I like Mrs Sims because we made our Mr Twits. Me and Jo we on the Red colours of the parachute and we had to go under and get each others side without touching - Braedyn
I think Mrs Sims and Mr D will be good teachers. Mrs Sims did the Mr Twit pictures with us. Mr D is cool because we made Milo and we were only allowed one marshmellow. I had lots of sugar - Aylish
I like Mrs Sims because she helps us do our writing, and with Mr Twit. Mr D made us big milo and it was warm. I put marshmellows in it. - Autumn
I like Mr D because when we did the car wash and we were nearly finished Mr D squirted us with the hose and I jumped in it. Mrs Sims did a cool thing with us when we had the parachute. I was on the same colour as Zac - Cam

#51 Dogs as Pets

I like dogs because they always lick me - Rua
I like dogs because I have one called Loco and my brother calls him locomotion - Chevy
I like dogs because we used to have four dogs they were called Max, Poppy, Ted and Tippa. We still have Max and he likes going to the swamp and sometimes he gets really muddy - Te Ata-a-rua
I like dogs because we I went to Ava's house we played with her dog called Nina and she climbed on me while we watched TV and she also tried to get the guinea pig - Mikaela
Dogs are cool because one day I went to Caleb and Sandy their dog always tried to lick me and jump on me - CJ
I have one dog and his name is Par and he likes going for walks and fetching tennis balls. He has grey and brown on his head and his back is white with one black spot - Honza
Dogs are cool because once Ava and I found a dog on the beach and it was a black labrador and when we got a stick it chased us. When we threw it for him he went and got it but broke it up. When I get a new house we are going to get a dog - Lucy
I used to have a dog when I was three and it used to go on the couch and mum would try and get it off - Emily
I have a dog it's name is Nina and I play with it and she gets crazy. One day she jumped on the table and she has also jumped on Claudia - Ava
I like dogs because I have a puppy and it is black and it has white on its neck. It is six years old and it is called Chloe - Josh
I like dogs because I have a dog and she fights me and my brother - Caleb
I liked dogs because my nana has a dog called Bella and when I go to nana's house she always runs and jumps on me. Bella always like my drink and tries to eat my piklets - Claudia
I like dogs because I have two dogs. One is called Otto and the other one is called Casey and they get excited and sometimes they bowl me over to the couch - Reef
Dogs are fun to play with because I have two dogs. One is called Sahara and one is called Rusty and they sometimes Rusty goes to the toilet in the wrong place because he doesn't know yet where he should go. We only got him last Friday - Ellie

#52 Discovery learning time

I like discovery because I liked tasting the yoghurt. One had no flavour and it didn't taste good. We had jelly beans to flavour it - Jo
I like discovery because I liked the yoghurt of the sprinkles - Claudia
I liked it when we made fairy bread. It's lots of fun and we have time to do sports too - Te Ata-a-rua
Discovery is cool because you can make stuff, throw frisbees at targets with numbers 1, 2,3,4.... and you can make mouse traps - CJ
I like discovery, you can make stuff. We made finger puppets - Caleb
I like discovery because once we made goop with cornflower and water. If you punch it or roll it, it is solid and if you stop moving it,
it goes into a liquid - Aylish
I like discovery because I remember on the second one this term we had dressups. Claudia was a princess with a crown.
We had the parachute out too. - Ellie
I like discovery, I made a basket with lots of colours. I took it home and put stickers on it. I changed it from a flower into a basket.
I added bits like the handle. - Mikaela
I like discovery, we made piklets and some had jam and some didn't. Some were hot and some weren't. I did the making stuff. - Chevy
I like discovery learning because once I made a basket. It had little circles, I made it an ABAB pattern of blue and orange.
Mrs Ball said we could put a ball in the basket. It's really fun because you can make lots of things - Lucy
I like discovery because you can built stuff and you can build trucks and trains - Rua
Discovery is cool because you can make stuff like a dragons castle. We had extra fairy bread because Cam anmd I did a cool job - William
I like discovery because we had a shared lunch and a celebration with a movie. We could get our face painted. - Ava
Click on the picture to see more discovery in action.

#53 Spring
I like spring because you can play outside and you can pick flowers for your Mum. I like the flowers on the trees and bulb flowers - Jo
I like spring because heaps of flowers grow and they help my favourite fruit grow - Cam
I like spring because I can play longer outside - Rua
I like spring because you can play on the flowers and climb trees. You can go to the beach - Josh
Spring is cool because you can pick flowers and play at the beach. You can play outside and in the rain because it is warm - Ava
I like spring because you can water your plants and they will grow, they die in winter because its too cold - Chevy
I like spring because you can plant flowers and they get bigger and bigger. I have a flower garden. - Ellie
I like spring because the leaves go colourful. I am growing a new plum tree, it has blossoms. I have my own garden - Mikaela
I like spring because the flowers are nice to smell and I pick them for my Mum. I saw a bunny - Claudia
I like spring because all of the flowers grow and the bees collect pollen for honey. - Te Ata-a-rua
I like spring because you can make daisy chains and the avocados grow - Aylish
I like spring because you can play outside more and it's warmer and the flowers grow on the trees - William
I like spring because its warmer and the flowers get bigger. You can play outside more and pick the flowers - CJ
I like spring becasue flowers grow. Once I went to Fred's and he let me pick a daffodil, he has heaps of flowers and fruit trees with blossoms - Lucy
Spring is fantastic becasue I like seeing all the new Lambs and Calves in the paddock - Mrs Sims
Once I went to the duck pond and there were ducklings and they were swimming in a line - Reef

#54 Guinea Pigs

I like guinea pigs because I went to Cj's house and he had two guinea pigs - Honza
Guinea pigs are fun to play with. I used to have two guinea pigs one was called Patches and the other one was called Ballerina - Ellie
I have played with guinea pigs at Ava's house and they went wild jumping up and down on the bed. They also tried to chase us - Claudia
I used to have a guinea pig called Spot because he had a black spot around his eye - Josh
I have two guinea pigs. One is black and called Kiwi and the other is multi coloured and it is named Valley - Ava
We have two guinea pigs they are called Chocolate and Fudge. My one is called Fudge and he is brown wit a little bit of white on him and a dot on his head. I make him sit on the trampoline with me and he stays there - CJ
I like guinea pigs because when I went to Ava's we brought her one inside while we watched TV. The cat chased the guinea pig under the sofa and we had to find it - Mikaela.
When I was three we had one guinea pig and he died because he ate too much - Emily
My brother and I had three guinea pigs and my one was black and white. One was called Guinea - Chevy
Once I went to Ava's house and I saw her guinea pigs and I got to hold Ava's one which was called Kiwi. Zac and Reegan also came over and the guinea pig kept going behind the TV. We tried to get it out by feeding it. It ate really really fast! - Lucy

#55 Dinosaurs
external image jumbo-dinosaurs-b.gif
I like dinosaurs because of the colour of their skin - Ava
I like dinosaurs because i have seen a T Rex on Toy Story and the T Rex was really - Ellie
I like dinosaurs because they have have green skin and some have red eyes - CJ
I like dinosaurs because we went to Walking with Dinosaurs and there were pretend plants.There was a T Rex and there were dinosaurs with really long necks - Claudia
I have seen a movie about dinosaurs and I saw a dinosaur eating eggs and chasing baby dinosaurs - Joe
I like Triceratops because they have spikes on their backs - Alex
I like dinosaurs because they have scaly skin and they are humongous. I like the long necks ones because they can reach the plants up high - Lucy
I like dinosaurs because once I saw a movie and the people found dinosaur eggs in a shed and there were dinosaurs outside - Cam
#56 Skipping

We had Jump Rope for Heart on Thursday the 18th August. We all did an awesome job cheering each other on and seeing how much we have all improved.
Look at some of our boys trying hard to skip together in the long ropes.
#57 Hail, Graupel and Snow
Today it has been VERY cold!!! It doesn't usually get this cold at Waihi Beach and there has been snow in places today where it has never snowed before. When we were just doing our homework spelling we heard a big noise, It sounded like our whole class was dancing on the roof! It had started to hail. The hail lasted about 2 minutes. We had to go and investigate. It turned into what looked like snow. We dont know what it actually was but it sure was fun.

#58 Animal Patterns
external image stock-vector-animal-print-backgrounds-21060505.jpg
I like patterns on animals. My favourites are tigers, cheaters and leopards. I like patterns of Zebras too. – Ava
I like patterns on butterflies. They are my favourites. I don’t like the white ones. I like monarch butterflies. – Mikaela
I like cheaters. I like their spots. – Claudia
I like lots of animals on Zebras their stripes are black and white. My cat has zigzags and stripes – Lukas
I like animals that are all white and have a spot on their tail – Honza
I like Zebras stipes because they are black and white. Cheaters have nice colours - Lucy
#59 Rugby World Cup

I like the Rugby world cup because the All blacks are trying to win the cup. I am also going to support Japan – Jo
I am going to support Australia because my sister went on a trip there. She was born there. I am going to for New Zealand too. – Ava
I’m supporting New Zealand. I am going to watch it on TV with Dad and my brother, Siena and Mum probably won’t watch – Zac
I am going to go for Australia and England. Australia is the closest country and my Aunty lives in England – Lucy
I like Japan and the All Blacks. – Cam
I like the All Blacks, especially Dan Carter and Ritchie McCaw. – Alex
I am going for Australia and New Zealand – Chevy
I am going for New Zealand and that’s where I was born. I play rugby too. – Josh
I like the All Blacks: Ritchie McCaw, Dan Carter and the other one that’s good at kicking. I like all the rest too. My brother Richard plays rugby. – Braedyn
I am going for New Zealand on the USA. I am going for Australia too, the All Blacks will probably beat them again – CJ
I went to Tauranga to see the cup – Honza

#60 Horses
external image 20355_1212206189612_1362488224_495586_6785734_n.jpg
Mrs Turnbull and her
horse Teddy.
external image 16262_1161531802784_1362488224_390309_6302748_n.jpg
The girls decided that horse riding was awesome when the boys went to Kapahaka today.
I like horse riding because Mummy took me to her friends and I rode Rachael’s horse. I almost fell off and Mum hopped in and got me. – Ellie
I like horse riding, my Mum used to go a lot. We are going to ride the vet’s horse. I’ve never ridden their horse before – Ava
I went to Caitlyn’s birthday and saw 2 horses. One nearly bit the other one. Then it did bite him – Claudia
I went to Caitlyn’s birthday too. We got to pat the horses. Claudia, Mikaela and Ava fed the horse. I might get a horse and a dog one day. I’d ride the horse lots. – Lucy
I like horses because I ride my neighbours’. It’s called Rocky. We went for a ride and it went fast as. Chloe nearly fell off. – Mikaela
I like riding horses. I made it go really fast and my Dad was on his motorbike. I won the race – Autumn

external image illustration_laugh.jpg
external image Laugh.jpg
In Room 10 we enjoy telling and listening to jokes. These are some of our favourites....
What does the boy octopus say to the girl octopus? Can I hold your Hand, Hand,Hand,Hand, Hand,Hand, Hand, Hand! - Ava
Knock Knock, who's there? Banana. Banana who? Banana octopus! - Jo
Whats your name? What's this (pointing to your nose) Whats in here (show Nothing in your hand)? __ knows nothing! -
Mikaela and Claudia
Knock knock. Who's there? Lava. Lava who? I love you - Reef
Knock knock. Who's there? Banana skin. Banana skin who? Banana Banana - Te Ata-a-rua
I like jokes where the is a bottle and it is cut and it has a straw in it and it goes up and down - Zac
Knock knock. Who's there? two. Two Who. To Huhu! - Cam
Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who?
Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who?
Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who? Knock knock. Who's there? red. Red who?
Knock Knock. Who's there? orange. Orange Who? Aren't you glad I didn't say red! - Josh
Knock Knock. Who's there? mouse. Mouse who? mouse likes your tooth - CJ
I like making a magic joke with cards. at the end you show them the card in the box and It's the right one - Lukas
I like trick jokes on tricky TV - Caleb

#62 Gymnastics
I like gymnastics because it's fun to do. Whn we did it last time my Mummy helped, a long time ago in Room 7 - Ellie
I like doing gymnastics, you go in a group and move around the activities. My favourite is jumping on the trampoline and
onto the big mat - Aylish
I like gymnastics, you can jump on the tramp and go on the blue mat. Then you can go onto the balance beam - Jo
I like gymnastics because you can go flips adn jump and roll. The best thing is the trampoline - CJ
I like gymnastics because you can jump on the trampoline and roll on the mat - Caleb
I like gymnastics when you can flip them and catch them - Autumn
My sister likes gymnastic, she can do the splits and kiss the ground. My cousin tried he cant. I can nearly - Rua
I like gymnastics because adult help. I like the trampoline. When the adult says jump, I do it, the second time I flipped
onto the mat - Mikaela
I like gymnastic because you can have fun and do flips and stand on poles. Sometimes you get hurt. It's hard - Te Ata-a-rua
I like gymnastics because last year we did gymnastics it was fun and we jumped onto the trampoline and went over stuff. Kaitlyn does gym and she's good - Lucy
I like gymnastics, you do front flips, back flips and jump high - Lukas
I like gymnastics beacuse once we went to the hall and the gym things were there. My favourite was jumping on the trampoline and landing in different ways. It was fun in room 6 - Ava
I can do a back flip on the ground. My cousin does gymnastics - Zac
I like gymnasics, Caitlyn always teaches me - Claudia

#63 Shared Lunch to celebrate the end of term.
I like shared lunch you can bring your food and share it. I know Zac has muffins like me. - Jo I like shared lunch. I brought animal biscuits with icing on the back - Reef
I like shared lunch because you have yum things. I brought fruit kebabs - Cj
I like shared lunch everything is yum. Its fun because you can go back and get more biscuits. - Ava
I like shared lunch because last time we did it with our buddies. I like doing discovery and fun activities first - Lucy
I like shared lunch because you can choose what you want to eat - Lukas
I like shared lunch, I like all the food especially when we had hot chips - Claudia
I like shared lunch because you can get anything and you can get the yummiest food. You dont need the same as anyone else.
The muffins look YUM! I choose them first. - Te Ata- a- rua
I like shared lunches. Last time we could have food without waiting. If people came to look from another class they had to go away.
We took two things at a time. - Mikaela
I like shared lunch because I'd like to bring ice-cream and chocolate sauce. I think my cupcakes are lemon flavoured, chocolate icing
and there's jaffa's on the top. I like licking the icing off first - Zac
I like shared lunches, you can find what you like and eat it. Last time we had it with our buddies. This time we are having it for discovery - William
I like shared lunch because it's fun, you can choose any food, no one slae chooses the same as you - Ellie
I like shared lunch I like sharing diffent fruit and juice - Rua
I like shared lunch. Kohatu let people eat food because he helped Miss Hardley set it up last time - Alex

#64 Sunrises and Sunsets

These photos were taken by Miss H when
she went to see Matariki, earlier this term.
See some of our work on the
Matariki Waihi Wiki that Miss H made.
We have had Sunrise and Sunset as suggestions for awesome things a lot of times before. It finally won in our vote today!
I like sunsets because it is pretty when the sun goes down.The sunrise looks the same colours – Emily
I like sunsets because when I was at Fiji I tried to lookfor bats at the sunset – Aylish
I like sunrises because my sister always runs over when itsbed time. I look out my window and I don’t get growled. Its good as seeing it. –Claudia
I like the sunset because it’s really pretty. You cansometimes see red, yellow and orange. They are pretty and really light. – Te Ata-a-rua
I like the sunset because you can see orange and red.Sometimes pink too. I stay in my room to see it – Mikaela
I like sunrise because you can see orange stuff and on theeast coast you can see the light. I get up early to see the sunrise – CJ
I like getting up in the morning and seeing the sunrise. Onthe way to school I saw the sunrise and the sky was purple – William
I like the sunset and sunrise because sometime I get to wakeup really, really early and I wait for it to start. It take a long time to comeup it looks really, really pretty. Sometimes its red, orange and pink. – Lucy
I like the sunset because its orange and red all over thecloud. I look out the window of the lounge and it’s like orange juice on the clouds. - Zac

#65 collecting bugs
external image 6a00d83451dba369e200e552966d098833-800wi.jpg
external image 007.JPG
Collecting bugs is awesome.
I like collecting bugs and sometimes I squish them and scare my brother and sister - Aylish
I like collecting fireflies and then you put them in a jar. I collected them in Australia. They glow in the dark.
You can keep them in there. - Mikaela
I like collecting worms and weta's. I have a weta tree. I want to give them to Mum and she thinks they are my toy one,
but I trick her and she gets scared - CJ
I like collecting bugs. One went on my nose and I squashed it - Autumn
I like collecting bugs with horns on them. I like collecting wetas, grasshoppers and spiders. - Jo
I like collecting bugs because it collect them in a jar and then I let them out to chase my sister - Emily
I like collecting spiders, you can put them in a jar and watch them crawl around in the jar - William
I like collecting bugs because once I collected lots of ladybugs and butterflies. Me and Bryley got heaps. I took them to my Dads class and
then they went in his face. He didn't really like it, but I thought it was quite funny. He made me get all the bugs out of the classroom - Lucy
I like collecting worms and caterpillars. I like putting them on trees and then the caterpillars fall off. I put the worms in dirt and they go down
to the bottom - Josh
I like it when I catch butterflies. We chase them everywhere, its fun. When we catch them we sleep in a tent, then we can catch them at night
too. - Ellie
I like my mat by my treehouse because there are heaps of slugs, worms and spiders. There is a big hill that goes down and I pick the spiders
up by their legs and chuck them into the tree. If you snap a worm into pieces it is still alive and both bits go away - Zac
I like catching dragonflies and spiders. One time me and my brother saw a dragonfly dead on the ground and I picked it up, then threw it in the
air to see if it was alive. - Caleb
I like bugs that glow. They'd be cool to wear at Halloween - Chevy
I like collecting bugs with my cousins. They step on worms and spiders and bugs. They pick them up and put them in the dirt - Rua
I like collecting butterflies. Heidi collects white ones and I collect monarch butterflies. There are bumble bees by the butterfly plants. I scare the bees away and Mum always says "take them outside!" - Claudia

#66 Planting things
These sunflowers are in
Miss H's garden.
I like planting flowers and you can make bunches of them, you have to wait a while for them to grow - Emily
I like planting strawberries, we get heaps and heaps. My brother likes them and my Dad eats bowls full - Claudia
I like planting tomatoes and I like eating tomatoes - Autumn
I like planting apple trees you can shake the branches and apples fall out - Caleb
I like planting strawberries, I plant them at my Nana's because Mum doesn't like them. The seagulls eat them - Lucy
I like planting watermellons. They have seeds inside and we wait until its the right season to plant them - Zac
I like planting strawberries, when they are ready I find them and eat them - William
I like strawberries, my Nan has a big garden. She has lemon trees, orange trees, fejoa trees. We collected all of the fejoas. My Koro makes
things out of the strawberries and the box for putting them in - Te Ata-a-rua
I like my strawberries, I get red juice out of them. I like raspberry, we have orange, red and while colour ones. My sisters and I have our
own garden where we grow sunflowers, tomatoes, different colour beans, carrotts and watermellons - Mikaela
I like planting carrots and beans, couliflower and I get them out of the garedn for tea. I always pick beans because I like them - CJ
I like planting carrots, some tomatoes and Chillis. We plant some sunflowers, cabbages and beans - Jo
I like planting sunflowers. Mummy planted a sunflower garden, I helped too. They have died now, because there isn't enough sun and too much rain. We have roses and watermellons too - Ellie
I like when I go to my Grandpas. He has a big as garden, he has fejoas, carrots and lettuces. He thinks the purple carrots aren't right - Chevy
I like planting watermellon and strawberries. I grow big tomatoes on one side and little tomatoes on the other side at my Mums house - Reef

#67 Game Consols.
Cam suggested that PlayStation 3 was awesome, then we talked a bit about other game consols too.
I like playing on my PS3. I like car racing and you can change your car to have rocket boosters. It goes past people - Jo
I like doing play station games. It has cool game s like Toy Story 2. You can change your person. - Rua
I like playing on the XBox kinex, you dont have a remote, you have to move around a lot. I watched my friend play it. - Ava
I like my Playstation because I have heaps of games and an eye toy. The Eye toy has no remotes and you have to jump and move. I like the Tranformers Game and Surf's Up. - CJ
I like playing other games not consols. I like playing hide and seek and playing Snakes and Ladders with my sister - Claudia
I like my Xbox and playing Kinex Adventures There is a game where you jump over stuff and there is a tunnel and you smash a window to go
out. You unlock new levels - Zac
I like plaing the Wii. I like playing sword games. I always win - William
I like playing the Xbox 360 and playing skateboard games. You can break your head and then you get to restart after that - Braedyn
I like playing the PSP at Dad's. I have a motorbike game - Chevy
I might be getting to buy one soon, because me and McKenzie are good. I like other games like Claudia - Ellie
I like playing snakes and ladders. I play it with my Dad and my Mum. My brother James cheats because he doesn't know how to play - Lucy
I like my Wii because me and my brother play against each other. I bet him on two levels and then he beat me in real life - Lukas
I like my PS3 because I got 3 games. I like Toy Story 3 the best - Reef
I like the Xbox 360. I always bet my brother at boxing. - Caleb
Miss Hardleys favourite game on her Wii are Mario Classic 25th addition because she used to play it when she was 6!

#68 Creating Art
I like drawing dinosaur and volcano pictures - William
I like art because you can paint what you like and glue stuff on - Jo
I like doing art because, I do it with my Mum and my sister. Me and Heidi find cool shell and stick them on things - Claudia
I like drawing volcanoes and colouring them in red, it looks cool - Lukas
I like creating a whole bunch of stuff, its fun to make horses and boxes. - Emily
I like painting paper planes - Chevy
I like doing drawings of big towers, its fun to make them and I make princesses and horses too. - Ellie
I like drawing paper aeroplanes with boosters at the back - Josh
I like making paper dogs and I sometimes like to make just the head or its fun to make the whole body - Ava
I would like to draw on Lucy's glasses because they are cool colours - Autumn
I like when me and William built a big dragon out of lego and it was art - Cam
I like to make flowers out of paper and you can put glitter on them. I like making rainbows and people with photos and paint - Te Ata-a-rua
I like doing art because its fun. My favourite art is making cards. I like drawing with lots of different colours. I like making paper things and doing patterns - Lucy
I like doing picturesz of rugby - Rua
I like doing art because I have a princess art and craft book. I have made a castle and a jewellery box out of it. I made a purse out of Chloe's old dress. - Mikaela

#69 Favourite numbers

Favourite numbers are awesome. Miss Hardley's favourite number is 56. When she was little she had a tough time learning her times tables and 7x8 was one of the hardest to remember. 56 became her favourite number.
My favourite number is 65 - Autumn
I like the number 9. I like how you write it, it's easy to make - Ava
I like the number 8 because its swirly and it looks like an s at the start then you join it up - Jo
My favourite number is 1 billion. I like huge numbers - William
My favourite number is a billion too, I like big numbers - Braedyn
My favourite number is 20 - Lukas
My favourite number is 1000, because its got a lot of numbers in it and it is big. - Josh
My favourite number is 215 000 because it is a big number and its cool - Zac
I like 100 because it has 3 numbers and I can count up to 100. I like 101 too, because that comes next - CJ
I like 2011 because thats the date - Chevy
I like 6 because thats how old I am, soon I am going to have my birthday and my favourite number will change. I have a new one each year - Reegan
I like 1200, I'd like to be that old - Cam
My favourite number is 65 - Aylish
My favourite numbers are 12, 13, 14, 15 and 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5. I like doing numbers over and over again - Te Ata-a-rua
I like the number 3 because it looks like two loops and its one less then my brothers age - Lucy
I like 12 because it is 2 more then 10 - Mikaela
I like number 0 because it can be called o or zero. Thats how old babies are - Emily
My favourite number is 8 and you write it by doing s and around. My sister is 8 - Claudia
I like the number 1 because my brother is 1 and I like the number 6 - Ellie
I like the number 600 because it's my favourite - Reef

#70 Making our korowai.
In Room 10 we are just about finished making our own korowai. We learned that korowai are special cloaks that maori people wore for special occassions. We looked at lots pictures of korowai. We designed and made our own. Some parts were VERY tricky and we had lots of help from parents and big friends. All of our cloaks are different and unique.
I like making the cloaks because they were fun to make and I put feathers on mine. They are red, blue, light blue and white. - Reegan
I like my korowai because it makes me look special and I glued on stars and beads, feathers and gold things from home. I put lots of tassels on. - CJ
I like my korowai because I put material and feathers on it. I did some tassels. I like my blue and red feathers, they are in a pattern. - Jo
I like my korowai because I put yellow and purple feathers on. I like my name and the best part was sewing my name and the buttons on. - Ava
I like my korowai because it has a secret. I like it because of my name and Caleb let me have some beads. - Lukas
I like my korowai because I put feathers on it. I use different colour wool for the writing of my name. - Autumn
I like my korowai because my Mum helped me. We stuck some things on at home, it made it look good. I put buttons and feathers on. My special part is my name - Claudia
I like my cloak because there is a secret under something. I liked when I sewed the name and made parrterns by the name. I made my feathers go up and down and I made the 7 stars for Matariki. I used beads in my name too. - Mikaela
I like my korowai because it has something hidden and the thing thats special is my knitting, I worked really hard on it. I have a star in the middle and two layers of tassels. It's really special to me - Lucy
I like my korowai because I put feathers on it and I made tassels. I like my name. - Caleb
I like my korowai bacause it has a pattern of feathers down the bottom and a big button in the middle and I did w with buzzy bee material. - Zac
I like my korowai because its special and the name looks good. It was fun making them together. I like the girls ones. - Ellie
I liked it. The hardest part was sewing my name. You had to go up and under, and you couldn't see when it was under - Chevy
I liked making our cloaks because it has stuff on and I liked doing the sewing. - Reef
I like my korowai because I put stuff under the material and it was hard doing my name. I put really soft material on it. - Braedyn
The sewing was the hardest part. - Josh
SAM_1138_(Small).JPG SAM_1136_(Small).JPG
The BIG mess!!!!
#71 Hot Drinks
See our photos on
our photo page.
Today we were very lucky. Mr D did a writing experience with us about making a Milo (hot chocolate). We especially like hot drinks on cold days.
I like hot chocolate because they have chocolate down the bottom and you can lick the bottom and scoop it out with a spoon. - CJ
I like hot drinks because you can put lots of milo in it. Me and Sun used to drink green tea. - Caleb
I like hot drinks because I like hot chocolate because you can put marshmellows and sugar and chocolate in - Josh
I like hot chocolate because they make me run faster! - Jo
I like horlicks because I watch movies when I drink it. I like milos too. - Zac
I like hot chocolates because I like chocolate. It makes you fast and gives you energy in the morning - Ava
I like hot chocolate because you can drink them at a movie night, or you could have them when you have dinner - Mikaela
I like hot chocolate because it tastes nice. I also like milo and me and my brother like to watch marshmellows melt - Lucy
I like milo once my brother made me one and it had heaps of chocolate in it. He even put a marshmellow in for me - Lukas
I like fluffy's. I like when they come with marchmellows and the tiny teddy biscuits, from the Flippin bear pancake house - Reef
I like hot chocolates because it makes you run fast. I have 2 sugars, and milo. I drink it with a straw - Braedyn
At my Dad's he gives me hot chocolate and my cousin gets a little bit in his drink bottle - Ellie
I like hot choclate because at home I have some and my sister and brother gets a little bit. My brother always spills his - Claudia
I like hot milo because when you put a marshmellow in it. I race with the marshmellow, if it disolves before you drink it, it wins. - Aylish
I like hot chocolate my Mum made some once with too much chocolate, I think she put 20 spoons instead of 10. My sister didn't like it. - Emily
I like it when we have hot chocolate. I sneak my brothers marshmellow. - Chevy

# 72 Magic Tricks
We voted for magic tricks as our awesome thing today. Miss Hardley showed us a magic trick her Dad taught her how to do when she was little that uses 21 Cards, in 3 rows. After putting the chosen cards pile into the middle 3 times. You count out 11 cards. Miss Hardley doesn't know why it does but it works.
I like magic tricks because you can turn people into a frog or anything - Josh
I like it when they turn people into monkeys. They also trick you because they make you choose a wrong card -CJ
I like when they turn things into new things, I like watching show and on TV - Ava
I like tricks because you can make things disappear in a hat. I can hold 2 cups with my arm pits and drink one without using hands. I can put rubber bands around my 2 fingers and make it jump to the other 2 fingers - Cam
Once I went to Zac's house and did a trick, He had to pick which hand had a piece of paper in it, he got the wrong one! - Lukas
I like magic tricks because they can do anything, and they turn things into other things. I can do a few tricks. Lucy
I like when you can trick Mum, Dad and you brother - Caleb
I like magic tricks. I do one with a hair tie on my fingers - Claudia
I went to a magic show and a man had sparkles and threw it up and the girl changed her clothes really fast - Aylish
I like magic tricks. If a magician wants a rabbit to come out sometimes they use a carrott. The magician I saw did that and the bunny stole the carrott and he didn't see - Mikaela
I like magician's and they are in the circus. They make us laugh when the clowns do tricks - Ellie
#73 Funny you tube clips!

Our favourites include, Evian babies on rollerskates, Mystery guitar man, flash mobs and the evolution of dance!

#74 Sleepovers

Sleepovers are awesome!
I like sleepovers. Ava's sleep over was fun. We use Lani's matress, we played spotlight. - Claudia
I like going to Claudia and Lucy's house because they are my best friends and they always play with me - Ava
I like going to Chevy's I told Chevy to get up but he was sleeping - Lukas
I like sleepovers when Ava comes over we stay up till about midnight, we play and sometimes when Mum and Dad go to bed we try to play stuff without waking them up. Last time I went to her house we both stayed up till midnight - Lucy
I like going to Lukas' house because once we were selling fruit and we got money from his Mum, then we went to the shops - Zac
When I go to a sleep over and the people wholive there are nice - Aylish
I like going to sleep overs because if it's a birthday sleepover you get to have lots of lollies and a sleep. - Mikaela
I like going to Lukas' house because they watch movies and we play outside on the trampoline - CJ

#75 Making and creating new things

Ava suggested this because she likes to make things, especially dogs. Its really fun.
We do a lot of making during discovery time. Check out our youtube clips to see how much fun we have had making things.
I like making cars out of milk bottles and you can nail on the tops as wheels. Then you can paint pictures on it - Zac
I like making stuff for dogs or cats to play with - Caleb
I like making skateboard ramps out of old toys and then playing with them - Lukas
I like making paper aeroplane and colouring them in - Josh
I like making heaps of Jails and putting lego men in there - Chevy
I like making paper aeroplanes. I made one with a curly end and it made the plane go side to side -Aylish
I like making stuff because you can make things out of wood, lego and paper. You can make cars - CJ
I like making paper aeroplanes. My Dad made one and it got stuck behind the Tv. I made a puppet show too - Claudia
I like making stuff because you can make things out of cardboard and boxes. I make stuff in the morning and afternoon, weekend and holidays - Ellie
I like making things in the weekend. I make pictures for my teacher - Autumn
I like making paper planes and putting my lego men in and giving them a ride - William
I like making robots out of paper and putting stuff on them - Reef
I like makinf things because I fold things and cut things out. I colour them sometimes. I sometime use glue too. It's really fun to make creative things - Lucy
I like making things, you can make jewellery boxes and you could make purses out of old clothes - Mikaela

#76 Birthdays
Ellie had a birthday in the long weekend, she suggested that birthday's are AWESOME!
I like birthday's because you get cake, lollies and chippies. You get doughnuts sometimes -CJ
I like it when I have my birthday and I get lollies - Josh
I like going to parties, you get cakes and presents - Caleb
I like when you have parties your friends can come over - Chevy
I like going to the top ten hot pools for my birthday, the slide curves and is fun. I got some dinosaur lollies and a pack of chocolate - Zac
I like birthdays, you can eat lollies and open presents - Ellie
We will finish on Wednesday morning :)

#77 Matariki
Learning about Matariki is awesome!
Matariki celebrations are happening this term. Our school and our cluster of schools are all celebrating and learning together. http://matarikiwaihi.wikispaces.com/
Today we had a visit from Whea Lisa she talked to us about Matariki, The Stars and about the celebration of the Maori New Year that is happening this month.
THANK YOU! Whea Lisa you are an inspiration, you make learning fun! We really enjoy the songs you have written for us.
These are some of the things we know and think are awesome about Matariki.
Matariki has seven stars - Alex
I made a star with sparkles, My star was tipuanuku - Emily
I like matariki because it is the biggest of the 7 stars and it's the brightest star - Ava
Yeasterday when Whea Lisa came we all made stars. My star was Wai ta. We made Koru too.
If Matariki glows brightly it will be a good year for plants and It is Maori New year. - Lucy
My favourite thing about Matariki was drawing Koru and the sky - Aylish
I like matariki because Lisa told us about the seven stars. My star was waita - Autumn
I like matariki bacause Whea Lisa taught us about the 7 stars. My star was Tipuanuku and I put glitter on it - Claudia
I like Matariki because we are learning Maori things and you can look for the stars at your house - Ellie
I like Matariki because it is the biggest star, it was the star I did and Ava, Alyish and I made our stars blue and had the same glitter. Our gitter glows in the dark - Mikaela
Me and Josh made the same colour stars and we put the same glitter - CJ
#78 Jump Jam
We Love JUMP JAM! Jump jam is an awesome fitness-aerobix programme set up by
Brett Fairweather. It is a lot of fun and keeps us moving especially on cold mornings.
Sometimes we do Jump Jam as a whole syndicate.
If you are a school without Jump Jam you should get it.
The class was so excited to do Jump Jam
we didn't have time to make individual comments today :)
To find out more click on the picture
#79 Saturday and After-school Sport

We have a lot of kids in our class who play Saturday and After-school sports.
The most popular winter sports in our class are rugby, soccer and netball. In the summer some of our kids play tennis and go to swimming club.
I like playing netball and sometimes you get to win and sometimes I get to have nice food after the game - Claudia
I like playing soccer, it's really fun. Sometimes you get to score a goal - Reegan
I like playing soccer, I get the ball heaps and get it close to the goal - Jo
I like playing netball because you get to pass the ball heaps and when you get the ball and you are Goal Shoot you can try to get a goal - Ava
When I go to netball I sometimes get goals and I get to go into the middle and play as centre - Ellie
I like netball, it's cool because you can score heaps of goals - Emily
I like netball because it's fun and we play games at the netball courts at Waihi and practice at school on a Tuesday at lunchtime - Lucy
I like playing soccer because we get goals sometimes, you cant use your hand, but you can use your feet and head. - CJ
I like going to netball they sell lollies there. The coach sometimes gives out jellybeans - Aylish
I like going to soccer you can get goals and somtimes you can be the goalie. You can do big kick off's by the cones - Zac
I like playing soccer because most of the time you jick the ball into the goal - Cam
I like rugby because I like to do a kick off - Alex
I like playing golf and I like to hit it into the hole - Reef
I like playing netball because you can sink goals, my team always win. I play for the cupcakes team. - Mikaela
#80 Hot pools
We are lucky at our school that we have solar heating at our pool. It makes our pool warmer in the summertime. We also have a few heated pools around Waihi Beach, that are nice to swim in during winter. They are the top 10 pool, Athenree hotpools and Sapphire Springs.
I like going to the hot pools and swimming lengths, it's good for your muscles - Reegan
I like hotpools when you can go into a big pool with an adult, when it's over your head - Te Ata-a-rua
Once I went to the hotpools and the big pool needed to get washed out and it was really shallow, we had to go in the little pool - Aylish
I like when you go to the top ten and go down the slide into the water and you get warm - William
I like going to the top ten for Heidi's birthday, she went crazy as, going from the hot pool to the cold pool. - Claudia
I like going to the top 10 and going down the slide and curving - Lukas
I like going to the hot pool and getting all wet and going down the slide - Ava, Mikaela, Lucy and Autumn
I like the Top 10 and going down the slide and you can slide on your front and dive in - Zac
I like going to hot pools and getting in and then jumping into cold pools. I really liked one that had a sprinkler - Jo, Braedyn and Alexander
When I went to Hamilton hot pools there was a big slide, Jason catches me when I get to the end - Ellie
I like the Athenree hotpools, my baby cousin came with us once - Emily
I like going to the hotpools with Dad and my sister, we stayed a long time till no one was there. I like to splash my sister - Josh
I like the Top 10 and the Athenree pool, my big brothers friend Dylan works there. I can swim to the side by myself, with no flutterboard - CJ

#81 Fireworks
Room 10 think Fireworks are awesome and cool. We like all the different types. We like it when they explode in the air. We know that fireworks are fun but we also know we have to be careful when we use them, with an adult.
I like fireworks bacause they change different colour and the explode everywhere and make big noises - Ellie and Autumn
I like fireworks when they are like bombs in the air - Lukas
We like fireworks, we like the ones that have parachutes coming down. We like the ones you plant in the ground and they go up and make a big bang - Jo, Ava, Reef, Reegan, Emily, Braedyn and Claudia
I like fireworks because you light the little ones and throw them up. I really like the ones with 10 shots in them - Alex
I like fireworks because there are differnt ones that change colour. I like the ones that look like stars when they blow up - CJ
Once I had a big as box of fireworks, my favourite one was one called friends. It had a heart when it blew up- Aylish
I like the dragon one with a dragon picture on the front. It goes really fast up into the air and I like sparklers. You can write your name and leave them going for a while. They are colourful - Zac
I like the ones that are colourful and they are all different types. Te Ata-a-rua
I like fireworks because they come in different colours. I like to ones that pop, then pop and pop even more. My Dad has a box and when I go to my Nana's we get to set them off - Lucy
Once I had fireworks at my dad's old house, it exploded and it set the tree on fire - Josh

#82 Washing Cars
Room 10 decicided to wash cars today. Reegan made the suggestion because we were learning about W this week. We are not asking the people for money today, we are doing it as a good deed. We are practicing for a fundraising car wash later on in the year.
Chevy was our official photographer. We brought other clothes to get changed into because we knew we were going to get WET! :) Ellie thinks we could draw on the cars with the bubbles. We had a lot of fun and we all ended up soaking wet.
SAM_0925_(Small).JPG SAM_0944_(Small).JPG SAM_0948_(Small).JPG
SAM_0960_(Small).JPG SAM_0970_(Small).JPG SAM_0903_(Small).JPG

#83 Going to the Zoo
One of the Chimps
at Hamilton Zoo
Not one of the cutest animals.Do you know what it is?
We found out this week that we are going on a Junior School Trip to Hamilton Zoo in Term 4. We are all excited in Room 10!
I like going to the zoo and seeing alligators and crocodiles - Alex
I like going to Hamilton Zoo. I like ringtailed lemurs, lions, tigers, giraffes and elephants - Jo
I like going to Auckland Zoo and seeing the elephants, I'd like to ride one. - Ellie
I like going to Kelly Tarltons and going through the tunnel and seeing the sharks - William
I like going to the zoo and seeing cheatahs because they are my favourite animal - Reegan
I like going to the zoo and feeding the giraffes - Reef
I like going to the zoo because I can see the Jaguar and they run fast - Lukas
I like the monkeys at Hamilton zoo because they climb and swing in trees and eat bananas. They are cheeky and they eat leaves too - CJ and Chevy
I like going to the zoo because I can see zebras and I like them because Z is the start of Zebra and my name. I like the big chimp cage too, they have lots of things to play on - Zac
I like the chimps too - Te Ata-a-rua
I like going to Kelly Tarltons and seeing the people feeding the sharks and seeing different types of fish - Josh
I like seeing the birds, my Dad threw them a bit of biscuit and they had a fight over it - Caleb
I like going to the Hamilton zoo, I like giraffes and monkeys the best - Autumn
I like going to Hamilton Zoo and I like seeing the giraffes and Zebras - Ava, Lucy, Aylish, Mikaela and Claudia
I like going to see the cheetah and crocodiles - Cam

#84 Visitors
We have had a lot of visitors today thanks to Neil posting our email at http://1000awesomethings.com/
So we decided that being a visitor and having visitors are awesome. Thanks to everyone who has visited us, we also loved getting your emails! THANKS!!! We had over 1000 visitors today!!!!
I like being the visitor when we went to Australia to see our cousins - Ava
I like it when my family has exchange students, Sun has just gone home, I liked it when Dad and Sun went fishing - Caleb
I like when I visit Lukas and we go to the beach and play with boogie boards - Chevy
I like it when my Aunty comes all the way from England. I like it because she comes once a year, she is coming twice this year. My Uncle Phillip comes too sometimes. Uncle Richard comes from the Hawkes Bay. - Lucy
I like seeing Chevy we go and pick Fejoas off the tree and have fejoa wars - Lukas and Zac
I wish my Dad could come and visit because he lives in Australia, he might come and visit one day, I've been waiting a long time - Te Ata-a-rua
I like how I am going to my friend Trae's, we go for bike rides and go to the beach. He has a jump at his place - Honza
I like it when my cousin and Uncle come because they live in Canada and I haven't seen them for a long time - William
I like when my friend comes over because they play with my guinea pigs and my cat, and on the tramp. We play a game called chicken. - CJ
I like Grandma and Tata coming to visit - Aylish
When my Grandad comes he brings his guitar and he plays it, I like the music- Jo
I like Mikaela come to play, she learned how to ride a ripstick. It was my sisters -Claudia and Mikaela
I like to see my Aunty Deborah. She has a cool laptop - Braedyn
I like visiting my Cousin and Grandad who live in Hamilton and my Nanny in Nelson - Autumn
I like my Aunty coming over to my house, she plays games with me all the time and we eat chocolate - Ellie
One day I am going to go and see my friend Teegan - Reef
I like when I go and see my Nana in Auckland and all of my cousins see me there. We play hopscotch and picl carrots- Emily
I like going to visit my Uncle. I get to feed the dogs and I got to stay there one night - Reegan
I like when I see my cousin, we go to the beach and the skatepark - Josh
I like when my Aunty visits and we go fishing - Alex

#85 Pets that we can cuddle
Miss Hardley would love a pet ring-tailed lemur!

In Room 10 we think it is awesome when you can get a pet that you can cuddle.
I like guinea pigs, their fur feels nice when you cuddle them. They sometimes play hide and seek - Mikaela and Autumn
I like guinea pigs, sometimes they tickle you and Ava's ones jump around - Claudia, Te Ata-a-rua and Ava
I like pet that you can cuddle, their fur feels nice. I like Ava's dog Nina, she shakes when she's cold or nervous and she feels nice and warm. -Lucy, William, Lukas and Braedyn
I like boxers when they jump around. My dog jumps on the couch and she makes me laugh - Ellie
I like cats you can cuddle them and they come to you - Jo, Chevy and Reegan
I like my cat Nacho she is cuddly, when I come back from the beach she hides from us under the caravan or under the bed - Zac
I like my guinea pig because its furry and I cuddle her and she hides from the rain - CJ
I like coming back home from stuff and the dog jumps on you - Caleb
I like pets because you can get really fluffy ones. I have 5 pets - Josh
#86 Going to the movies
In Room 10 we think it is awesome to be able to go to the movies.
I like that it's dark and has a big as screen -Caleb and CJ
I like that you can watch heaps of differnt movies - Alex
I like that you can watch movies in 3D - Chevy, Lukas and Reegan
I like that you can go with your family and watch all the new movies - Ava, Lucy, Mikaela, Ellie and Claudia
I liked going to see Hop - Jo and Autumn
I like the movies because they have a big screen at the front and the 3D ones come right up to your face - Zac and Braedyn
I like when you watch ones like how to train a dragon and the dragon breathes fire in your face - Cam
I like watching movies because I saw 2 dragons breathing fire - Reef and William
I like going to the movies, I went to watch The queen of the sun - Honza
I like going to the movies, yesterday I went to Rio in 3D - Aylish

#87 The sound of birds
We like the sounds of birds singing beacause they sound happy, interesting and awesome
I like the all birds sounds - Reef
I like the sound of my cockatiel, he talks properly and says "who's your daddy."
He whistles too - Ava and Te Ata a rua.
I like white birds that talk - Alex
I like birds that cheep - Claudia and Aylish
I like parrots and other birds when they do beautiful whistles - Josh
I like fantails because they are little and I like their sounds - CJ
I like parrots because they talk and whistle - Lukas
I like birds when they sing, sometime I can hear them but I cant see them because they are hidden in the trees. Sometimes James can see them and hear them when I cant - Lucy
I like hawks, they go "kawwwwkkk!" - Cam
I like all birds especially love birds - Reegan
I like birds that talk to you, when I went to see Josh we saw a cockatoo that talked - Zac
I like bird because they sing really nice - Autumn
Dads pet bird used to whistle and say "you're a pretty boy" - Jo and Brayden
I like all birds when they all talk at the same time. My brother tries to catch them - Ellie
#88 Easter

We think Easter is awesome! We like Easter because we get a holiday, we can spend time with our families, eating chocolate Easter eggs and hot crossed buns. Mrs Althea our wonderful bible teacher talked to us about the real reason for Easter today. This afternoon we made Easter baskets for our cool decorated eggs. While we were at assembly the Easter Bunny left us some yummy chocolate eggs and rabbits.
I like getting Easter eggs off my sisters bed, and finding a hiding place to eat them. - Claudia
I like Easter because when its Easter Day I run across to my brothers bed to see what he got. I like the Easter egg hunt - Lucy and Ava
I like getting to most Easter eggs. I found some in the tree. I got 16. - Alex
I like when I can go down stairs and my brothers already awake. I had one under my bed last year. It had skittles inside - Zac
I like it Easter because you sometimes get big eggs like the 1kg ones - Reegan
I liked it when my sister put a spring in a box and then put my egg on top. The egg came springing out. - Jo
Once at Easter my sister and I has a big as Easter egg and it had favourites on the inside - Josh
Once my brother got mine and I got his. Mine was big but his had small bars in it - Chevy
I like Easter time because we spend time with our family eating chocolate ALL day! - Emily
I like Easter everytime I wake up in the morning my Mum calls me and says the Easter bunny has left some eggs. It wakes up Jaz at the same time. We get baskets and we go outside - Reef
#89 Lightning and Thunder

Josh and Mikaela thought that Lighning and thunder are awesome! One of our emails from someone who reads our page, that we have gotten recently also said she thought Lightning and thunder were awesome. We really like how you can play the game where you count between the flash of lightning and hear the thunder. We had a discussion about lightning and thunder. Alexander suggested that lightning was like electricity and it was dangerous. We think that it's awesome when you can feel the thunder rumble through your whole body.
I really like the sound of thunder - Josh and Claudia
It has an awesome flash - Caleb, Alex and Jo
I like when it makes a big bang and frightens my Mum - Cam
I like the lightning when it comes down. I think my brother was nearly hit once - Chevy
I like it when its all white and I think God might be angry. Sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small - Zac
I like the sound of thunder, it's cool - Ava and Aylish
I like it when it takes a few seconds for the thunder to come down - Reegan
I like the flash, it's so much brighter - Te Ata-a-rua
I like thunder and lightning when it's a zig-zag shape. At my old house there was lots of lightning and thunder and it makes my brother hide - Lucy
I like the sound of thunder when it is a rolling sound - Mikaela
I like the sound of thunder because it makes a BOOOOOOOOOOOM noise! -Emily

#90 Our Mums and Dads
Our Mum's and Dad's are awesome beacuse... they give you hugs, the give you a treat when you are good and helpful, if you didn't have a Mum or Dad you'd have to live by yourself and look after yourself, they buy us food so we can live, they buy us new stuff for school, they are nice to you and they dont get too mad when you are naughty, they introduce you to new cool people, if you get hurt or something bad happens your Mum and Dad will help you. Below are our ideas about what makes our own parents AWESOME!
I like my Mum, she makes me hot chocolates - Jo
I like my Mum because I go to the same school as her - William
My Dad sometimes takes me fishing - Alex
I love my Mum and Dad because they give me lollies and chocolate - Josh
I love my Mum and Dad because when I am hurt my Mum and Dad come to me and take me inside and make me better- Lucy
I like my Mum because she makes me feel happy and she is nice to me (she gives us lollies). - Ava
Mum makes me hot chocolates in the morning and sometimes after school - Braedyn
I love my Dad and Mum because they are nice. I love Mum and Dad they make me hot chocolates - Reegan
I love my Dad and Mum. Dad buys me my motorbike and Mum said we can go to Candyland. It will be fun. Yaaaaaay! - Zac
My Dad fixes my gun for me and then I can play with my brother - Chevy
I love Mum. She is at work, she is happy for me - Te Ata-a-rua
I like it when my Mum and Dad take me to the store and gets me ice-cream - Emily
I like my Mum because she lets me go to my Grandma's after school to get a biscuit. I love Dad, he takes me to the hot-pools in the holidays. - Mikaela
My Mum always tells me where to go and and takes me to a party - Aylish
Sometimes my Dad lets me go fishing - Reef
Thanks to the mums who came to pick us up today and let Miss H take your picture. 12.4.11

#91 Wind in the trees
Lucy suggested the sound of trees, Ava suggested the sound of the wind. So we combined them together.
We like the wind in the trees because...
The wind blows through it and it sounds nice like a bird singing. But it's actually the tree.- Lucy
It makes a cool sound - Ava, Mikaela and Aylish
I like to climb up and be in the tree with the wind blowing - Te Ata-a-rua
When the wind blows and I am in my cubby house it makes the branches hit the roof. - Reegan
When it blows through the trees and blows in your face - Josh and Caleb
The sound of the wind going ding a ling ling through our wind chime and then hits the tree - Jo
Watching the tree shake because of the wind - Reef
11.4.11 (look at the cool date today, we like palindromes)
#92 Grass Stains
Reegan's pants
Jo's jeans

Today we wrote this after lunch. We were looking for something awesome and saw some kids had grass stains.
Grass stains are like a badge that say you had an awesome time, running around and having fun!
I like grass stains because they make your clothes even dirtier - Ava
You can make them by sliding down really fast - Mikaela and Claudia
I like getting them on the legs of my pants - Josh
They look cool on your jeans - Chevy
I like it when you are going down big hills and you go into the mud and grass - Caleb and Reef
I like it a CJ's when you go down the big hill and you get muddy at the bottom - Zac
I like grass stains because you get them when skid around and you get them on your pants - Lucy
I like it when you get them in soccer and rugby, then your parents have to do the work and clean it - Reegan
I got mine today when I fell over in rugby - Jo and Breadyn
I like to slide on my hill. My bottom gets grass stains - Aylish
It's cool when you get all dirty and it kind of paints your pants - Te Ata-a-rua
I like to skid on my knees in the wet grass - Emily
I like grass stains from skidding on the hills - Alexander

#93 Peacocks
Te Ata-a-rua thought that Peacock feathers were awesome. We looked at lots of pictures and found out information from Wikipedia. We also found a website that had lots of different types of Peacocks http://database.amyspeacockparadise.com/
At Waihi there is a Water lilly garden that has peacocks, that come and see you when you are eating at the cafe. The boys in the class thought that it was cool that the peacocks looked awesome and the peahens looked quite boring.
hese photos were taken by Miss Hardley
at the Waihi Water Lilly Gardens.
I like the shiny feathers on the male peafowls. If they come close you can feed them with your hand - Te Ata-a-rua
I like the peacocks feathers with the circles on them - Mikaela
I like it when all the feathers come up on the boy ones, when they are showing off to the girl ones - Reegan
I like peacocks because they sparkle in the sun. If you see a feather lying around, you could take it home. I like them because they can put out their feathers to make them look big. - Lucy
I like when their feathers blow up and hit you. - Caleb
I like peacocks because when it's sunny they sparkle in the sun and you could give a feather to someone - Claudia and Ava
I like when they get their feathers out and they frighten things away - Josh
I like seeing the feathers fly out fast on the males - Emily
I like seeing them run - Cam
I like it when the feathers at the back come out, they look beautiful - Braedyn
I like it when the feathers fall off and I can tickle my brother with them - Zac
When I went to Matamata I found 5 peacock feathers, I gave them to my Mum, Tasmin, Kara and Dad, so we could have one each. - Jo
I like the peacocks feathers because they are colourful and they sparkle - Aylish

#94 Water Balloons
this photo is from the Monster Munch website
In Room 10 we like water balloons. We think that it's an awesome invention. We like throwing them in water fights. Last year Room10 and their buddy class had the first annual Balloon sling shot competition. Mr T was a pretty good shot. It took the boys one hour to fill up 150 balloons. Mr T's class made a target out of cardboard. We are looking forward to this years competition!
I like it when the water balloons go out of a sling shot and they splash everywhere- Reegan
I would like it if you could shoot more then one balloon - Cam and Jo
I like it when I pop them on my sister - Claudia and Emily
I like to throw them at the car and wash the car with them - Te Ata-a-rua
I like to throw them at the house and also on the car - Ava
I like to throw them at people - Caleb and William
I like throwing them at my Mum, then when they pop and splash my little brother as well - Lucy
I like making little ones and they last for ages - Josh
I like having them at birthdays when I cant use my waterslide - Mikaela
I like it when my brother is riding his bike and I am hiding on the roof,
then I throw a balloon at him - Chevy
I like to make small ones and putting them in the freezer. Then they turn into ice and I throw it at my brother - Zac "Ouch!" Said the class!
I like it when you duck and they hit the parents not you, thats awesome! - Braedyn
I like it when the balloon doesn't burst and you can throw it back at the person - Miss H
#95 Splashing in puddles
We think that splashing in puddles is awesome. It has been raining a lot this week, so we have a lot of puddles.
I like the puddles because you can get all wet and play in them - Ava
I like getting cold and wet - Claudia
I like it when I get wet in the big puddles - Reegan
I like splashing other people - Josh and Caleb
I like it when they are so big they are like a pool and you can swim in it - Emily and Ava
I like when I splash in them with my togs on. I like the puddles around my house - Lucy
I like splashing my teenage brother and he's a lot bigger then me - Braedyn
I like jumping from one to the other - Jo
I like when there are puddles on my trampoline - Chevy
I like getting all wet and playing in them - Mikaela and Reef
I like it after you have splashed in puddles and
you get dressed into warm clothes - Te Ata-a-rua
These Photos were taken by Miss Hardley of her house at Bowentown in January this year. It had rained for 2 days and the pump wasn't working properly. She couldn't drive out of her driveway in her car.

#96 School Disco's.
School discos are awesome because...
You can buy food, dance and you can choose - Ava and Mikaela
You can get toys, glow lights, food and dance around - Regan
You can get drinks and lollies - Zac and Caleb
You can dance with your friends - Lucy
We like the glow sticks - Josh and Alexander
You can stay up late and you don't have to go to bed early - Te Ata-a-rua
We are having an April Fools Disco. We have been learning cool dances like the ChaCha Slide and JumpJam songs. Our Teacher and Ava's Mum sorted out the music for us. One of the senior kids made a request of Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant, Mr T was very impressed.

#97 The smell of KFC

We think an awesome smell is the smell of KFC.We like the smell of KFC because you can smell the KFC from right across the road and down the street. Sometimes it smells so strong it makes our tummys grumble. Even thinking about KFC makes our tummy's grumble.
It smells nice when it's fresh and the spicy chicken wings smell the best - Jo, Alex and Caleb
I like the smell because it smells like chips cooking - Claudia
It has yummy food and hamburgers. I like the sauce for the chips - Mikaela
I like the milkshakes smell - Aylish
The chicken smells nice - Josh
When you get a burger, it makes you not feel hungry anymore - Te Ata a rua
I like the smell of the salt on the chips - Lucy and Emily
I like the smell of the hokey-pokey crusher - Zac
I like the smell because its yummy - Braedyn
#98 Springy Laces

These are Zac's Laces
Zac in our class has a pair of Springy (curly) Laces and we think they are pretty awesome!
They are awesome because...
You dont have to tie them - Caleb and Ava
You can stretch them really long - Alex
They are colourful - Josh
They are springy - William
You can get them in different colours - Chevy
They curl in - Claudia
Tt doesn't take as long as tying them - Aylish
Your parents dont have to tie your shoelaces - Mikaela
One thing that might not be awesome is if we have springy laces we might not learn how to tie laces. We thought about some Dad's work boots with rainbow springy laces! That would be funny!

#99 The rain when it hits the roof.

Te Ata-a-rua suggested that rain on the roof was an awesome thing.
It makes a cool noise when its at night and then when I wake up in the morning the rain is gone. There might be a rainbow there - Te Ata-a-rua
I like when the water drips down off the gutter and makes puddles that I can jump in - Emily
I like it when the rain makes puddles and I can splash. When it comes on the roof it makes a clicking sound - Ava
I like it when the rain goes shooooush - Josh and Caleb
I like it when the rain is so hard that you cant see out of the window - Braedyn
I like it when it overflows onto our pool cover and it makes a cool sound - Jo
I like it when its dark and rains because it sounds louder - Claudia
I like it when its so cold that the rain is hail and ice and it sounds so hard on the roof - Lucy
We found out that there was an old band who had a record called Rain on the roof.
Click to hear a recording of rain on a tin roof.


#100 Writing in sand.
external image 88x31.png
We think it's awesome to write and draw in the sand at the beach.
We are lucky to live and go to school by the beach.
We talked about how cool it is to write and draw at the beach. We like that our ideas get washed away, but we think it's even more cool when your writing is there the next day!
I like writing my sisters name - Claudia
Drawing the design of the surf board I might get when I'm older- Zac
Designing houses - Caleb
Drawing shapes - Josh
Drawing shops and people in cars - Jo
Drawing a police station- Cam
I like writing and making cities out of sand - Ava
I like writing peoples names and drawing a picture of them next to their name - Mikaela
I like drawing animals and writing their names - Lucy
This photo was taken by Miss Hardley at Bowentown, Waihi Beach.

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