#0 Finishing and THE END!
I like finishing things. I help with dinner then I can eat it - Cam
I like finishing jobs. Once I did the job of sweeping the driveway and we have a long as driveway. I did it by myself - Jo
I like finishing things because I think washing the car cost about $2. I get paid. I do it in the weekend. On Friday I get my money. When I am finished I get to tip all the water on myself - Zac
When I clean my room after school. When it's all tidy I get $10. My sister and I spend it on lollies - Josh
When I finish something like the dishwasher I am happy because I get some money. - William
I like finishing jobs. I dont like to get the job done because I dont like doing it. - Ava
I like finishing school. I get to go camping at Matauri Bay. - Claudia
I like cleaning my fishtank. There's lots of stuff on the glass. I get to scoop up the fish. I like to finish that job. - Caleb
I like finishing school because you have the holidays and you might go to a new school, like me and Claudia - Ellie
I like finishing a big tower. You can show people when you are done - Aylish
I like the end of the 100 Awesome things because we got to talk about so many awesome things - Te Ata-a-rua
I like finishing when you are making a castleor a jail with the connector straws. Me, CJ and Lukas finished our jail - Chevy.

#1 Christmas Summer Holidays
We have Christmas Summer holidays starting next week. We are excited to be having 6 weeks off school. We talked about that in the Northern Hemisphere that they don't have as long off school for Christmas because it's winter there.

I like Christmas summer holidays. In the holidays we are going to Rainbows End - Ava
I like Christmas holidays. After Christmas we are going to Hastings to stay with Nana Carol and Poppa - Jo
Christmas holidays are cool because there is no school. It is supposed to be Dad's Christmas but we are going to be with Mum - Lucy
I like Christmas holidays because it means it's almost Christmas and we dont have to come to school - Josh
I like Christmas holidays because you dont have to go to school. My sister will stop annoying me - Emily
I like Christmas holidays. We always go to my Nan's tiny house for Christmas - Caleb
I like Christmas holidays. We dont have to go to school. I have a calendar to count to Christmas. I am going to stay at my Nana's - Mikaela
I like Christmas summer holidays. We are going to Grandma's until Christmas. The best part is opening presents - Aylish
I like Christmas holidays. I am going to my Nana's on Christmas eve. I get to go over there each day in the holidays - Ellie
I like this big holidays because when it's Christmas I am going to get a Christmas cracker. I might get ten of them - Reef
#2 Christmas Dress-ups
I like Christmas dress-ups. Me and Heidi dress up and be crazy. Then we say "It's Christmas, It's Christmas!" - Claudia
I like christmas dress ups because I liked going to all of the classrooms and saying Merry Christmas- Honza
I like dress-up in Santa and Elves costumes. Me and My sister dressed up and saw Santa's foot steps. -Ava
I like Christmas dress-ups because it was cool - James
Christmas dress-ups are cool today we dressed up and took a photo. Then we went around the classes saying Merry Christmas. - Lucy
I like Christmas dress-ups. I have a Christmas dress that I am going to wear it. I dressed up as a Christmas clown for the parade - Ellie
I like Christmas dress-ups because its cool and I want to dress up like Ben10 - Rua
I like dress-ups. I liked dressing up as an elf and running around saying Merry Christmas. - Mikaela
I like Christmas dress ups because our new baby Jack will be wearing his Christmas clothes - Braedyn
I like Christmas dress-ups when I went to my Nan's close to Christmas I found a costume I liked and I put it on - Zac.
#3 Jelly
I like jelly because when it was my party we had a jelly fight. It was frozen and you had to get the marshmellows out. - Ava
I like jelly because when I went to the birthday party Zac threw a bucket all over me - Jo
I like jelly because once I had a jelly fight and Zac poured a whole lot of jelly on my head. I had a brain freeze - Josh
Once I went to Lukas's and we had a jelly fight it was all over us. Then we chucked water bombs on us to get the jelly off - Chevy
I like jelly because when me and my mum make jelly we take two flavours and mix them together. We put fruit in sometimes - Reegan
I like jelly because it's slippery and you can eat it. There are lots of different types - William
I like jelly. My favourite ones are chocolate, raspberry, coke and strawberry - Zac
Jelly is cool. When I went to Ava's party we had a jelly fight. It got all over us and I was freezing - Lucy
I like jelly because my favourites are strawberry, lime and coke - CJ
I like jelly because me and my sister and my cousin tried to get the jelly straight from the box. - Rua
I like jelly because they can come in different shapes and we can get them from all different supermarkets - Reef
I like jelly when I went to my friends birthday we had a jelly race. If we dropped it the dog ate it - Ellie
Jelly is cool because once we made jelly with different food in it. Sometimes it doesn't set - Aylish
I like jelly because once on my birthday I had jelly with my sister. I got my sister with it in a fight - Emily
I like jelly you can make it different ways and you can put hot water in it - Jordan

#4 Eye Colours
I like eye colours because only some people have green - Caleb
Eye colours are cool because sometimes people had the same colour - Lucy
I like eye colours. I have blue eyes like Reegan - Chevy
I like eye colours there are lots of different colours - Aylish
I like eye colours because you can get different colours - Reef
I like eye colours because mine are green - James
Eye colours are pretty cool because there are lots of different colours - Te Ata-a-rua
I like different eye colours when they have make-up - Jordan

#5 Lakes and Ponds
I like ponds because you can swim in some ponds - CJ
I like ponds because you can catch fish - Cam
I like ponds because there is one at the back of my house- Reef
I like ponds because I dug a hole and made a pond. I put some fish in - Braedyn
Lakes are cool because they are deep - Te Ata-a-rua
I like lakes because William has one at his house and we walked around it - Caleb
I like lakes because they are cool - Rua
Ponds are cool because sometimes they have fish - Lucy
I like ponds because sometimes there are eels in them - Honza

#6 TV competition shows.
I like Tv competitions because I get to stay up to watch the Amazing Race - Mikaela
I like watching TV at Emily's house - Honza
I always watch TV competitions especially Master Chef - CJ
I like TV competitions because they are really cool - Reef
I like TV competitions. I watch them. - James
I like TV competitions. I like that they are always a suprise - Lucy
I like TV competition because I saw one that was in our town - Chevy
TV competitions are awesome because there are lots of different ones and differnt places. - Te Ata-a-rua

#7 Plays and shows
I like plays because I can choose the person I want to be - Aylish
I like doing plays. One time Me. CJ and Zac did a play about Santa - Caleb
I have been in a play before and it was fun. In Waihi we went to a play with the big boys and girls - Te Ata-a-rua
I was in a play with Claudia, Caleb, Jo and Lukas - Chevy
I like plays. I really liked how Ava acted in a play about Too Much Noise - Mikaela
I liked the play my sister was in - Claudia
I like plays. One day I went to see my sisters play - Jo
I like plays because me and Autumn are doing something to dynomite - Ellie

#8 Rollercoasters
I like rollercoasters. They are fun and cool - Autumn
I like rollercoasters. I went to Rainbows end and it was fun - Caleb
Rollercoasters are cool. I bought one and then I painted it - Braedyn
I like rollercoasters. I made one - James
I like rollercoasters because I went on one and it was fun - CJ
I like going on rollercoasters. I went on one in the Czech Republic- Honza
I like rollercoasters, I like to ride them and they are fun - Jo
I like rollercoasters. Me and Lukas have been on them - Chevy
#9 Eels
I like eels because I have some at my home and they are my pets. We have a lake for them - Ava
I like eels because I have some eels nextdoor - Mikaela
I like eels, they are cool. - Jo
I like eels. They Rock! - Zac
I like eels because when you go to the water you can see them - CJ and Cam
When I was in my old house at the back there was a creek that had eels - Reef
I like eels. Once I caught one by my house - James
I like eels because they are slimy and I eat them - Alex
I like eels. I caught one by myself - Rua
I like eels. I had one at my house - Autumn
I like eels. I went eeling with Zac. - Lukas
Eels taste yucky. I have eaten one before. - Braedyn
Eels are cool I patted a big one - Josh

#10 Superheroes.
Superheroes are cool because they have super powers - Reef
I dont like superheroes. - Autumn
My favourite superhero is Batman - Honza
I like superheroes. Superman is my best one and Batman is pretty cool - Caleb and CJ
I like superheroes I saw Batman on TV - Rua
I like pretending to be a superhero on the slide - Jordan

#11 Lunch Orders
I like lunch orders. I got one today - Jo
I like lunch orders because the sausage tastes nice - Autumn
We like lunch orders because they taste good - CJ and Caleb
I like lunch orders. I had noodles - Ellie
I like lunch orders. I like hotdogs. I usually have one - Emily
I like lunch orders. Once I had one and I ate it up and I had sauce all ove my face - Rua
Me and Josh like jucies and nacho's - Riley
#12 Spiders
Spiders are cool because when they catch bees they kill them - Jo
Spiders are cool - Rua
Once I saw a white tailed spider - Lukas
Spiders are cool. Every day in my bathroom there are spiders - Claudia
I like spiders once my Aunty and Grandad found a Huntsman spider - Alex
I like spiders. I went to Australia zoo and sawe a tarantula. It was really big - William
I like spiders when I went to Australia. Mum went to the toilet and there was a huge spider in the room - Ava
I like spiders once I went to butterfly Creek and saw a furry tarantula - Josh
I like spiders one time I got a pretend one on my sisters pillow. When she woke up she got a big fright - Caleb
#13 Weddings
I dont like weddings! They are yucky! - Caleb
I dont like weddings, I just like the cake - CJ
I dont like weddings either because they kiss. I just like the cake too - Jo
I like wedding. My Mum got married and I was in the wedding- Ellie
I like weddings because we still have a picture - Lukas
I like weddings. Soon my mum is going to get married to my step-Dad - Ava
I like weddings, it's funny when they kiss and dance - Cam
I dont like weddings when they kiss it's disgusting - James
Weddings are weird. When they kiss, dance and hold hands it's a bit boring - Te Ata-a-rua
When my Mum and Dad got married. My sister said "ooh la la!" when she saw them kissing - Emily
I think weddings are disgusting because they kiss - Zac
#14 Smelly Stickers
When we are really good at reading we get smelly stickers. We get smelly stickers on our homeworks and we also get them on our certificates
We like chocolate smelly stickers - Lukas, Josh and Claudia
I like apple smelly stickers - Aylish
We like strawberry smelly stickers - Te Ata-a-rua and Reef
We like blueberry smelly stickers with dolphins - Mikaela and Autumn
I like Banana ones too - Autumn

#15 My favourite Christmas Song
We like Feliz Navidad - Te Ata-a-rua, Mikaela, Autumn, Emily and CJ
We like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - Mikaela, Autumn and Emily
We like Pop bang crack goes the Christmas cracker - Caleb and Braedyn.
I like He's got a red, red hat - Jo
I like Christmas songs because my favourite one is I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus - Mikaela
I like the Puhutakawa Tree song - Josh
I like songs. I had a CD - Rua
I like Christmas on the Beach. I like it when we clap - Ava
I like we wish you a Merry Christmas. I like the figgy pudding part - Chevy
#16 Jellyfish
I like jellyfish once I caught one in a container - James
I dont like jellyfish - Lukas
I like jellyfish because they wobble like jelly - Honza
I like Jellyfish they can sting fish and eat them - Jo
I like jellyfish. Once we went to the beach and we saw lots of jellyfish. - Zac
I like jellyfish because you can catch them on the beach - Chevy
I like jellyfish because I pick up a stick and I pick up the jellyfish with the stick - Claudia
Jellyfish can sting you - Lucy
#17 Sharks
I like sharks because they can swallow parts of surfboards - Honza
I hate sharks because they are weird - Aylish
I dont like sharks because you cant see them in the water. I hate sharks they might bite your body - Lukas
I like sharks because once my Dad got one and we saw a white shark, He got bitten - Claudia
Sharks are awesome because once we went to an aquarium and there was a hammer head shark - Josh
Sharks are dangerous because they have very sharp teeth and they eat people - Lucy
I like sharks. They could gobble up Cam in one bite - Zac
I like sharks because they can eat a person by swallowing them whole - Cam
Sharks are cool. I like their fins and once there was a girl and she got bitten by one - CJ
I like sharks because they could bite somebody's head off - Chevy
I like sharks because they are cool. I eat them for dinner - Rua
I like how they swim and eat - Kyrone
#18 Favourite Singers and Bands
Our favourite singer is Justin Bieber - Cam, Ciara and Claudia
Our favourite band is Maroon 5 singing Moves like Jagger - Ava, Jo, Chevy, CJ, Lucy and Caleb
Our fovourite singer is Michael Jackson - Zac, Braedyn, Rua, Josh, James, Honza and Lukas
My favourite singer is Miley Cyrus - Ellie
My favourite singer is Lady Gaga - Aylish
#19 Kites
You can get big kites and in Auckland I saw people jump off a building - Caleb
I like kites because they fly up so high - Autumn
I like kites because you can fly them - Honza
I like kites because you can fly them and they look cool in the air - Jo
I like kites. I got one last year - Cam
I like kites because they crash - CJ
#20 Shadows
I like shadows. When you do something it does it too - Jo
I like shadows because I think they're like ghosts, but they're not though - William
I like shadows because I make them on the board - James
Shadows are cool because when you turn on a light it makes a shadow. - Chevy
Shadows are fun to play with. - Ellie
My handshadows are cool. When you are in the dark and you have candles shadows work. Shadows are black - CJ
I can make a dog and a dinosaur - Josh
#21 Santa Claus
He's very nice and gives us presents - Josh
Santa's good he gives us presents. He's nice and spends all his money on them - Jordan
Santa is very cool he gives us lots of presents. He likes cookies and milk a lot - Te Ata-a-rua
Santa is cool because he makes the toys with his Elves. He makes cool stuff at the North Pole - Ellie
I like Santa because he gives us presents. One time the Elves were naughty and the Elves didn't wrap the presents and Santa wrote me a note - Caleb
I like Santa. When we were at our old house we left him cookies and milk. I gave the reindeer carrots- Reef
Santa is cool because last Christmas I put out cookies, carrots and milk. He gave us millions of presents - Lucy
I like Santa Claus last Christmas he gave me a bike - James
I like Santa Claus. He put lots of present under my tree. I got a pink camera last year - Autumn
Last Christmas I got a shark water gun and I got a huge box of lego from Santa - Alex
I got lots of things from Santa - Kyrone
I like Santa Claus because when we went to Auckland we were in the tent and saw a big red light - Aylish
I like Santa Claus in the Czech Republic he brings presents in winter - Honza
When it was Christmas he left glow sticks and filled a pillow case for me. Josh got stuff from 4 Square - Lukas
I like Santa Claus because every year he gives me lots of presents. Last year I got a dump truck - Braedyn
I like Santa Claus. Last year I asked for a box of lollies. I got a bag of lollies instead - Zac
I like Santa Claus. Last year I got a remote control car. When I drove it I shot Kara - Jo
I like Santa because every year he gives me candy. Last year I got a kite - Cam
Santa gave me presents. It was a big as guitar and a microphone. I got $50. - Chevy
I like Santa Claus because he gives us lollies and present. We have to go to sleep before he comes. I saw his sleigh when I was biking last year. It was sparkles in the sky - CJ
I like Santa Claus. Once I had a bunk bed and my sister slept on the top and I got lego - Rua

#22 Cakes
I like cakes because they are nice - Lukas
I like cakes because they are yum. I got a good dinosaur on my cake - Jo
Cakes are nice because they are nice- Aylish
Cakes are nice when you can get one - Chevy
I like cakes because my Mum makes cake pops for Christmas and she makes other cakes too - Caleb
I like cakes because you can put things in them - Cam
I like cakes because we made them for the Zoo and we sold them - CJ
I like cakes because once I had a three layered cake when I was 3 and in the middle there was banana and M+M's - Josh
I like cakes because my favourite is chocolate with sprinkles - Ava
I likes because they smell nice - Reegan
I am going to get a Lightning McQueen and a fairy cake too. I might invite girls too - James
#23 Play-fighting
I like playfighting because once I had a jelly fight and Zac tipped a bucket of jelly - Josh
I like playfighting because once at my party I had a jelly fight - Ava
I like playfighting because every morning we have a play fight - Reegan
I like playfighting it is fun - Autumn
I like playfighting. Me and Zac were fighting - Lukas
I like playfighting because you can do it in the pools - Chevy
I like playfighting when Lukas came over to play we had a fun fight - Zac
#24 Christmas trees
I like christmas trees because my Christmas tree is set up at home - Reegan
I like Christmas trees because they are beautiful - Autumn
My Christmas tree is up at my house - Honza
I like Christmas trees. They look cool when they have decorations and other Christmas stuff - Jo
I like Christmas trees my Christmas tree can touch the roof of my house - Chevy
I like Christmas trees - Caleb
Christmas trees are cool because I made a reindeer to put on it. - CJ
I like Christmas trees because I saw some with lots of decorations in Waihi - Te Ata-a-rua
I like Christmas trees. You can decorate them - Ava
#25 The Haka
I like the haka because the AllBlacks do it - Lukas
I like the Haka we used to do it at school - CJ
I like doing the cool Haka - Cam
I like when my Dad does the Haka - Ellie
I like the Haka because it's like a dance - Ava
I like the Haka it's awesome - Rua
I like doing the Haka at home. - William

#26 Books
I like books and poems - Chevy
I like books because you can learn stuff off them and read them - Caleb
I like reading books - Emily
I like dinosaur books - Alex and Rua
I like reading books. I like dinosaur books - Cam
I like books but there are heaps of girl books - Lukas
I like different books. I really like mermaid books - Te Ata-a-rua
I like my book called Fight this fire. I got it from lucky book club - Braedyn
I like Roald Dahl books. My favourite by him is The Magic Finger. - Ava
I dont like books that take ages to read - Reef

#27 Computers
Computers are cool because you can play lots of games. I like Friv and lego games. I used all of our gigs by watching videos - Braedyn
I like computers. At home I have my own computer and it's in my room - James
I like playing tractor games and I drive it up the hills. The tractor blows up. - Jordan
Computers are the best because we can go on games and James helped me go on a fun game - Rua
I like computers because there is a game called Dragon Fable and there are people that give you quests. There are pictures of weapons you need and there is a bridge. I'm level 16. It's hard as. - Caleb
I like computers because I play games. I like Barbie ones - Autumn
I like computers. My Uncle and his friend play a game called World of Warcraft. You have to kill people. I always play lego games. - Alex
Computers are cool because I can go on games. My computer at home is attached to the TV. I always find it tricky to go on our wikipage. I play spelling city - Lucy
I like computers because there are lots of good games to play like Studdy Ladder. It can teach you things - Te Ata-a-rua
I like computers because my Mum had one. She stepped on it and the screen cracked -Chevy
I like going on computers because I like going on Studdy Ladder. My egg has hatched - Josh
I like going on the computer. Nearly eveyday I go on afterschool and I play games on our wikipage - Mikaela
Last night I slept in the office because Suzanna is at my house. I played Angry Brids in the middle of the night on the computer - Honza
I like computers because you can do your homework on them - Jo
I like computers. Sometimes when Lukas comes over we play the BMX game. I am on you tube too - Zac
I like computers with Maths games - Aylish
#28 Hot Glue
I made a little bed with hot glue for a bunny rabbit. I got one of the things and put a hole in it. - Ellie
I was making a cow, horse and a pig with hot glue - Rua
I used hot glue for my big racing car set. - Jordan
At discovery I burnt my finger with hot glue - Lukas
I like hot glue because you can do a lot of stuff. You can hot glue cardboard - Josh
Hot glue is very hot and it can burn you. because it is plugged into the wall -Te Ata-a-rua
I like hot glue you can stick things down. My mum does scrapbooking and I get to use hot glue - Claudia
I like to make spiders with hot glue. - Reef
I like hot glue. Sometimes I make things like a letterbox. I have gotten 2 letters so far - Mikaela
#29 Shapes
My favourite shapes are circles and hearts. I like my hut it needs a round floor - Jordan
My favourite shape is a circle. The world is shaped like a circle - William
My favourite shape is a diamond. I like white diamonds - CJ
I like love heart shape. - Rua
My favourite shape is a circle because a circle is like a zero. - Zac
I like squares. Sometimes I make a hut out of square boxes in a tree. - James
Shapes are cool because there are lots of different ones. My favourite is turtle shell shape - Te Ata-a-rua
I like hexagons. They have lots of sides. - Reef
I like hexagon it's the shape of a Bee's cell in their honey comb. - Honza
I like triangles. I sometimes get them mixed up with squares because they have one more side than a triangle - Chevy
I like a decagon. It has a lot of sides and I cant draw them - Braedyn
My favourite shape is a square. I just like them - Lukas
My favourite shape is a happy face. I make people happy by drawing them on cards for them - Ellie
My favourite shapes are hexagons, triangles and circles - Jo
My favourite shape is a love heart. - Cam
I like hearts because they are called love hearts - Autumn
My favourite shapes are hearts - Aylish
My favourite shape is pentagon because it's pointy - Caleb
I like a shape that looks like an eel. Eels are cool because they are slimy - Alexander

#30 Grandparents.
I like my Granddad because last year I went over there when I was at Frankton School. My Granddad let my Dad use his campervan. - James
In the weekend I am maybe going to Christchurch to see my Grandparents. There is a park by their house in Ashburton - Honza.
Granddad took us to the pools the other day, I am getting better at swimming. My Gandparents give me lots of things and clothes - Jordan.
I like my Granddad he gives me lots of presents and he's coming for Christmas - Autumn
I like my grandparents. They made me 2 cakes for my birthday. One had a trophy on it - Lukas
I like Grandparents when they come over they bring you stuff. I went to Nana Carolyns and Granddads and went swimmin in their pool. - Jo
I like Grandparents, they give you lots of presents. My Nana is a baker. She makes me hashbrowns, cakes and toffee apples. - Chevy
One time last Christmas my Nana hid a robot from me. She remembered where she put it on the day after Christmas. It is big and has lots of cool parts to it - Caleb
I like my grandparents. They give me chocolate and Jelly beans - Cam
My Granddad lives in Hamilton. We dont see him much. - CJ
My Nan took me to Australia with my brother and my Aunty. We went to KMart - Alex
I like my Nana she gives me stuff to take to school. I like my Koro he gives us bubblegum. He takes us on the trailer around the grass - Te Ata-a-rua
I like my Grandparent. They are really nice to me and give me stuff. I love them too - Josh
When Mum is working I go to my Nana's. She gets me lots of toys - Braedyn
I ike Grandparents because my Granparents went overseas. They have two kids who are my friends. My Grandma is called Kay - Reef
I like Granny, whenever we go to her house she gives us lollies. When you came back from Jackos they give you money. - Claudia
I like my Nana she walked my down the aisle at my Mum's wedding. My Grandparents are really nice - Ellie
My Grandparents died a little while ago by when they were alive my Granddad picked all the flowers. He liked only having grass - Reegan

#31 Sparkling things
I like sparkly things when I make cards I put sparkly things on. Heidi is better at art then me. - Claudia
I like sparkles. They are cool because they can sparkle in the dark. I like crystals the sparkle - Mikaela
Sparkly things are cool because if I do some art at my house I use glitter - Lucy
Sparkles are cool. There are lots of different colours. They come in pots and you can make cards - Te Ata-a-rua.
Sparkles are cool if you put them into the sun they sparkle. Aylish
I like sparkles. Once I played a game to find sparkles. I found lots of them - Emily
Sparkly things are cool. When it is fireworks time you can play with sparklers and write you name - William
I like sparkly stuff. I made a card for Lukas with sparkly glittery pencils and glitter glue - Zac
I like sparklings once I had sparkles on my bed and the cat tried to eat it. I said "what are you doing?!" - Rua
Sparkles are cool because when you put it up to the sun it sparkles a lot. It reflects when its on your t-shirt - Ava

#32 Making new friends
I like making new friends. Once I went and saw Zac M crying, me and Lucy went to help. - Ava
I like making new friends. Sometimes you can play dodgeball - Cam
I like making new friends because when I started this school I made friends with Caleb, CJ, Zac and Lukas. I am still friends with them now. - William
I like making friends because I had a friend at my old school that used to play with me - Rua
When William started here me, Zac, Caleb and Lukas asked if he wanted to be our friend and William said yes - CJ
When I first came to this class I met lots of new friends and they played with me. - Josh
I like new friends because when William started I asked if he wanted to play with the cars with us and he said yes. Then he came and played cars with us - Zac
I like making new friends. When I was in Room 6 I made friends. Now I am in Room 10 and Mrs Nelson still lets me write on the board to trick the children - Claudia
Making friends is cool. Me and Ava meet a girl called MacKenzie at the top 10 park. We looked at the eels. I meet a girl called Jasmine too. We went into MacKenzies tent. It was fun. - Lucy
I like making new friends. When I was new at school Ava was my first friend. - Aylish
When I first started school I first met Caleb and I got to know him more. I'd just started. - Chevy
In room 6 on my first day, my first friend was Zac M. At morning tea time we went on the big field and played tag. Then we went inside. - Emily

#33 Roald Dahl
I like Roald Dahl. The Twits got tricked by the monkey's with hug tight glue. - Caleb
I like Roald Dahl. He wrote Charlie and the chocolate factory. I like the part with the tunnel and the water was made of chocolate. Augustus went up the pipe and to the fudge room - William
I like Roahl Dahl. He wrote the Twits. He did the Charlie and the chocolate factory book. The bird put a brush of hugtight glue an Mr and Mrs Twits head. They got stuck upside down - Zac
I like Roald Dahl. He made Charlie and the chocolate factory. The was a girl who got stuck with the squirels and the big boy got stuck in the pipe - Josh
I like Roald Dahl. He made the Magic Finger. The magic finger curse the people and they turned into ducks. They had tried to shoot the ducks but they kept missing - Jo
I like Roald Dahl because he made Charlie and the Chocolate factory. There was a girl who turned into a blueberry and a boy put an egg into his mouth and a chick hatched out. - Chevy
I like Roald Dahl he made the Chocolate factory and Mr Twit. He is a good author who makes the books. The magic finger turned the girls teacher into a cat. - Ellie
Roald Dahl is cool because he makes great books. The chocolate factory book is good. The boy get a golden ticket in his chocolate. The boy eats all the chocolate in the river and falls in. - Ava
My favourite Roald Dahl book is Charlie and the chocolate factory. The funny bit is when they though all the tickets were gone and Charlie got it. The other children did something wrong, but Charlie didn't - Aylish
I like Roald Dahl book is Charlie and the chocolate factory. They were eating Mushrooms and everything. -Cam
My favourite part Roald Dahl book is the Magic Finger because the boy got really cross. Mr Greg, William and Philip got the magic finger on the because they were shooting ducks. They grew wings and the ducks took over the house - Lucy
When Mrs Sims was here we read the Twits. It had monkeys and birds. Mr Twit put glue on the tree. The birds got stuck and they had bird pie every Tuesday. - CJ

#34 Skating
Every Friday night skating is on and sometimes I stay there until it is finished - Reef
I like skating because you can choose rollarblades or skate shoes. I know how to go up the tabletop. - Cam
I like skating because skating is cool. I can do tricks on the skateboard - Rua.

#35 Volcanoes

I like volcanoes because the lava that comes out of the volcano is hot. Ava
Volcanoes are cool because they can explode. Boom! I really like them and they are really dangerous. Emily
I like volcanoes because they explode. Cam
Volcanoes are cool because they spray out lava. Honza
I like volcanoes because they explode and the lava explodes as well. Chevy
I like volcanoes because they explode lava. Reegan
Volcanoes are really, really hot and I don’t like volcanoes. Aylish
Volcanoes have Hot, Hot, Hot, lava and they sometimes erupt. Lucy
Volcanoes are very dangerous because they can kill people and that is very sad. And they have lava inside and inside it is very hot!!! Te Ata-a-Rua
Volcanoes are cool because a long, long time ago they exploded around the time of the dinosaurs. Mikaela
I like volcanoes because on Phiney and verb when they went to Hawaii there is a volcano. Zac
I like volcanoes and they are very dangerous because they can explode ever where because it is lava. Autumn.
I like volcanoes because the lava is my favorite color. It is the color of my motorbike. I like volcanoes because there is lava. Lucas
The volcanoes killed the dinosaurs. They all died from the lava. Caleb
Volcanoes are awesome. James
I like volcanoes because they explode and the lava explodes. Chevy
In the volcano world and the Dinosaur land. The volcano’s lava turns into rock. When it cools down it kills Dinosaurs. Boom! Boom! Boom!!! William
Volcanoes are cool because sometimes they erupt. Then it explodes with lava. CJ
#36 Diamonds and Crystals
I like diamonds. They are sparkly and shiny like glow worms in a cave - Zac
Diamonds are cool because they are sparkly and you can see through them. I have never had one before - Ava
I like diamonds, my friend has one that is so sparkly. I would like one - Claudia
My Mum has a diamond ring. It is pink she got it a long time ago - Chevy
Diamonds are cool because i have never had one but they are pretty. My Dad is going to start working at the gold mine next week and diamonds are mined too. - Mikaela
My dad's friend has lots of crystals he gave us one - Lukas
I have some gold and my sister got one too. Mines bigger! - Josh
I've got a rock with lots of shiny bits. My sister has some crystals - Jo
I like diamonds. I have a crystal thats blue and white. Kim my Mum's friend gave it to me - CJ
Diamonds are cool because they are sparkly. I like pink and blue ones. I have never had a diamond but I have had a crystal. My uncle Rick works at the gold mine - Lucy
Diamonds are precious. There are different shapes and colours. I like pink ones. - Te Ata-a-rua
#37 Christmas
- ripping wrapping paper - eating chocolate - Giant lollipops that take weeks to eat
- new sleeping bags - wondering what I might get - celbrating with Grandpop and Nana
- Opening presents - Putting stuff on the tree - Eating at the Pa - Surprises
- squeeling - lollies out of the stocking - making a Christmas wish before going to bed
- popping crackers - giving food to Santa and the Reindeer and looking at the crumbs that are left in the morning
#38 Taking things apart or destroying things
I like wrecking things and screwing it up. - Claudia
I like wrecking my little brothers thing in his room, like messing up his Lightning McQueen bed - Ellie
On Cartoon Network there is a program called Destroy, Build Destroy. I like it when they blow up each others things - Caleb
Once my Grandpa gave me a job of putting and smashing things into a hole - Chevy
I like taking things apart. At Nana's I build things and took them apart. James builds towers and I like when they break - Lucy
I had to destroy an old chair at my Dad's. The only bit left was the cushion -Honza
I had a job once to destroy the cardboard and I hopped in to make it flat - Josh
I like destroying stuff. Chloe sometimes destroys Dana's drawings once she tipped out all of her glitter. Mum and I helped fix the things - Mikaela
Once I had to destroy the thing around my playhouse because it was a bit broken. - Jo
I like destroying things. I had to destroy my lounge walls to make it bigger. I swung the hammer around and made a bid hole, then I used my hands to take bits off and chucked them out the window - Cam
Once my Dad broke things. He let me come after school and break a bench. - Emily
My sister breaks my stuff and I break my cousins stuff. - Rua
Once I had a job to pull apart a radio and I tried to fix it, but I destroyed it. It caught fire, NOT GOOD. - Braedyn
I like breaking glitter and it goes everywhere. My sister broke a handle bar and had it go into her eye - Autumn
I'd like to break things but I've never done it before. My sister broke her bracelet and thats cool because I can put them back on my bracelet - Ava

#39 Halloween
Trick or Treat? Dressing up. LOLLIES!

#40 Lollies
I like lollies. Nearly every single day me and Zac go and buy some - Chevy
I like lollies. I try to get them in icecreams. I do work and spend my money on lollies - Cam
I like lollies. We had a lollie scramble for my birthday at the top ten. There was mints and fruit ones. Zac got lots - Lukas
Lollies are cool because once when we had my party, Me, Lucy, Claudia and Jo thew marshmellows at a tennis racquet -Ava
I like lollies because when you get a kinder suprise you might get different things. I like chewy mints too - Jo
I like bubble gum because you can blow bubbles. I liked it when I blew a bubble and it exploded on my face - Josh
Lollies are yum and my favourite ones are jellybeans. When I have wiggly teeth I have to suck on them. - Lucy
At bible time today I got a pencil and a chocolate for getting 10 stickers. I am going to have a lollie hunt at my birthday - Reegan
Once me, Claudia, Lucy and Ava came to my birthday. Lucy gave us M and M's. We had a lolly scramble. - Aylish
Lollies are yum, my favourites are chewing gum lolliepops. You have to bite through them to get to the bubble gum. Today is Friday and thats my lollie day - CJ
Lollies are cool. When it was chloes birthday we had a lolly hunt. She had a lolly pass the parsel. She had a beetle thing that you made it out of lollies and then we got to eat it - Mikaela
#41 Supporting a team or a person who wins!

I like Dan Carter because he is really good at kicking - Jo
I like Dan Carter he usually gets the goals and kicks it high - Braedyn
I wanted the All Blacks to win because Richie McCaw had the trophy and did the Haka - Rua
I like boxing they have to try and get the other person down - Reef
I think all the teams did really well at the rugby world cup - Aylish
I like Richie McCaw and the All Blacks were in the final. The score was 8-7 when they won - Honza
I think the Silver Ferns will win. I used to play in a netball team - Ava
I like Richie McCaw. He's the captain and he's big. He tackles the most people - Chevy
I like Richie McCaw because he gets tries and Dan Carter gets the kicks - Josh
Richie McCaw is cool. He got the cup and he tackles people. Dan Carter is cool, when I went to a game he got all of the conversions - CJ
I go for Richie McCaw because I have never been to a stadium, I watch him on TV. - Zac
I like the netball team because I play netball with Ava, Mikaela and Lucy. I got nine goals - Ellie
The netball team is cool I used to play with the other girls. My sister and her friends were in another team - Mikaela
I like the silver ferns because they are really good at netball. I like it when they win, I feel really happy. I used to play in a team too - Lucy
I like Richie McCaw because he won the world cup and he is my best player - Emily
I like Richie McCaw he got most of the points. He a good rugby player. - Cam
#42 iceblocks and icecreams
I dont like rockyroads. I dont like the biscuit rocks. I like chocolate ones - lukas
I like the strawberry rockyroads. I had it on the trip to the beach. It was yum because its long compared to normal ones that are similar - Zac
I like when Mrs Sims was here and we went to the beach. We had $2 and we had a choice of icecreams and I choose chocolate - Chevy
I like chocolate icecream. My second favourite is lime, it's squishy - Josh
I like the chocolate ones with the lolly inside, my second favourite is lemonaide and orange fruju - Jo
I like frujus and iceblocks because they taste nice. My favouritist one is one that gives you red lips - CJ
I like iceblocks because once I had one at Dad's work it was a slushy. It tastes like strawberry and lemonaide. Jo had one at my house too. - Reegan
I like iceblocks because they are cold and when it is a hot day you can have one and they are yum - Lucy
Ice blocks are cool because when you are thirsty you can have a big bite out of it and wait for it to melt. Then it's like lemonaide. - Ava
external image 1305799893375.jpg
Thanks Steve for a special surprise ofan iceblock each,for the last day of term!!!

#43 Rainbows
external image 5.gif
Once there was a rainbow in my paddock. rainbows dont feel like anything, it's just colourful and the colours rebound from something - Chevy
I like rainbows. I'd like to go to the end to get gold, chocolate and see a leprechaun - Cam
I like rainbows because they are colourful. My favourite is indigo, my second favourite is green - Reegan
Rainbows are cool because they are differnet colours. There was one when I was sitting in a spa in Auckland - Ava
I like rainbows because when I was in a spa I saw a rainbow. It rained all night. In the morning we tried to follow it but it was only sunlight - Mikaela
I like rainbows because they are colourful. My favourite colours are pink and orange - Claudia
I like rainbows because the closer you get it moves away from you. You can never get to it - Zac
I like rainbows because they have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. - Honza
Rainbows are cool because they have lots of colours. When we were in Auckland we squirted a hose in the air and it made a little rainbow - Lucy
Rainbows are cool because they are different colours and I like the blue and black colours the best - Te Ata-a-rua
I like rainbows because they are different colours. They are made from rain and the sun. Thats why the sun makes it after it has rained - Aylish
I like rainbows because they have different colours. My favourite colours are green and orange - Rua

#44 Kiwis
Once I went to the zoo. There was an enclosure that had kiwi’s in it. I held one. – Chevy
Kiwis are cool because when I went to the zoo I saw one hiding behind bushes. They eat bugs with their big beaks – Ava
I like kiwis because once I went to the zoo and saw them in an enclosure. I got to hold three of them. There were 3 babies and 5 eggs – Honza
I like kiwis because they wake up at night and sleep at the day time. I like their beaks and how they peak for worms in the ground – Mikaela
Kiwis are cool because some are babies and some are daddies and Mummies – Rua
I like kiwis because the babies follow their mum. They come out at night and sleep in the day – Claudia
I like kiwis because I went to a zoo that only had birds. I got to feed one a big fat worm –Josh
Kiwis are cool because they have beautiful feather and they are fluffy. I like their long beaks – Aylish
Kiwis are cool because their feathers are soft – Reef
I like kiwis because once we went to Tauranga to see the kiwis in a big glass tank. It looked small on the outside but it looked bigger on the inside – Zac
Kiwis are cool because they sleep at night with their Mums and Dads. They walk around. The babies are cute – Ellie
I like kiwis because they live in the bush. I watched a program where people help the kiwi. Sometimes they take them back to the zoo – Reegan

external image see-a-kiwi-at-the-kiwi.jpg
Miss Hardley is from Otorohanga where
there is a big Kiwi House.
external image dominic-and-atu-great.jpg
This is Dom he is one of the people
who look after the Kiwi.

#45 Stop Motion Animation.
Stop motion animation is cool because you get to take photos and make a video out of it. It’s fun making the things for it – Ava
I like stop motion because I liked the frog one that Miss H showed us. One frog got a fly and the other didn’t. – Aylish
I like stop motion because you can make things move and the things that you make it look cool. – Ellie
I like stop motion animation. You can make thing and take photos, moving them around one byone. – Honza
I like stop motion animation because when I went to CJ’s house we did some. We used Lego. A hand was in the way. It looked like it was flying. At the last three pictures you couldn’t see me, I was at the bottom. – Zac
I like stop motion animation because William and Emily made a volcano. In my group we are making swords for our characters – Jo
Stop motion animation is cool because Me Honza and Rua are making one. Our one is about a dragon fighting a knight. The cool part is when you are up to making a photo. Then you make the photos go fast in the movie – Lucy
I like stop motion animation. I like my volcano. We are making a dinosaur movie. I am going to bring a stand so William’s dinosaur can stand on it. We are going to use sauce as lava. – Emily
I like stop motion animation. My group is going to make a movie about Rugby. We might use Lego for the All Blacks. – Braedyn
I like stop motion animation because Miss H showed us one called Shark Attack. The fish went upside down. – Josh
Stop motion animation is cool because my group has a cool blue background for water. We used crayon and dye so there wasn’t any white bits - Chevy
Stop motion animation is cool. My group is retelling Rapunzel. I liked the one that Miss H showed us. The funniest part was when we saw a pencil in there. - Mikaela

This is a link to our classes Stop Motion Animation page

This is a 360 degree view of our class making our stop motion narrative stories.

and the mess!